The Plight of Original Fiction

A comment left by Alex Avenge on my jonas brothers rant journal made me think...

What about the original fiction?

I am well aware about the fact that WDILGA has only received such a warm welcome because it's a slash (I really didn't intend to write it because it was a slash and would be popular, in fact I didn't know what slash even was when I began writing it)

I'm thinking about the fantasy stories, the school life stories, the thrillers, the crime stories, the horror stories (just to name a few)...

Where are they?

I don't mind fanfiction and I love the ones that are written well, just as much as the next mibbian, but I think it's good to read an original piece of fiction sometimes.

Basically, I'm saying...

If you think your story has what it takes to entertain me, and Frank Iero won't appear half way through, give me a comment on this journal ^-^

I'm not fussed about genre, and I read slash, femmeslash and het.

Go on, go on, make my day :D
September 23rd, 2008 at 07:22pm