I've lost a Friend...

First, she acts like... looks are real important. When the last time I checked she didn't care even if there were twigs stuck to her hair, now... like, I just ruffle her hair as a joke, she gets mad and get in a fit.
Then she starts hanging out with these... snobby girls. When the last time I checked, she hated them. Last time I checked they were the last ones in her list to hang out with, wait... scratch that, I mean, they weren't even in her list.
Then the once she so called friends, which is me and my other bffs, were totally ignored. We were put aside or when we try to fit in with her new so-called friends, we'd end up being insulted or being thrown at with stupid yet hurtful jokes. They'd all laugh though, but we'd just walk away. When we get mad at her, she then gives excuses and promises... like she'd hang out with us more, or she'd set up a meet at our fave place to hang out. And when we get there, she'd never show up, saying she had to do something way important....
I mean, how could this have happened? Since when? It was all so fast, it just flashed... just like that.. I never seen her change at all... then like, one day, she acted all weird, and then BOOM! She's one of them...!
I just wish that our bff would go back to the way it use to be... Back to her fun, funny, "I dont care what people say" self... She's just, GONE.
September 26th, 2008 at 12:36pm