Sick Again.

I didn't really think it was possible, to just get off a cold, then wake up and all the cold symptoms are back again. Dry mouth, snotty nose, cough, sniffles. Gah, I hate this! Why did I have to be sick this week of all when I have so many tests this week. It's like all the people hate me, I think I have a test in almost every class I might have to make up some tests becuase I wasn't in class today.

Gah, and above all this week is Student Council elections week, I don't have my speech done and the elections are Thursday! I'm almost done, but I just don't like the way a paragraph of my speech is worded, and I'm thinking of re-writing it completely!

And the other day I realized just how many duties I would have if I won Student Council Historian. I'd have school duties, Apt Punk column duties, Historian and Student Council Duties, I'd have to remember to take time to myself to write and listen to music, remember to take some time to talk and text with my friends which I'm already slacking on, and family time. I just hope I don't crack, I don't think I've ever had this much on my plate. It's not even as if I have that much on my plate, I have a normal schedule. But it already feels as if I'm being weighed down my a giant weight.

Enough of my worries though, I did have a fairly good weekend. I watched a movie with my parents on Saturday which was fun, it was the new Samuel L. Jackson movie, dramadramadrama. Then on Sunday I went out to eat with my parents to this Mexican resturant, I have no idea if I spelled that correctly I always have problems with that word. We were going to ask my sister to come, but she was still off doing Military stuff in a different city in the state. But we went to pick her up and take her back to her apartment so her husband could go and head to work. So we stayed at her apartment for a few hours and played Monoply with her. I came in second place, she came in first, my mom came in third, and my dad came in dead last.

It was rather funny because at first I kept having to give my money to everyone else because I kept landing on my families property, but then I landed on the free parking place when a bunch of cash was under it, and I made a ton of cash!

I'm about to go eat, so I have to stop now.
Sick people gotta eat.
Amanda C.
October 8th, 2008 at 12:12am