Dress Shopping Tomorrow

I'm going dress shopping with my dad tomorrow to get a dress for my schools Halloween Dance. It's going to go on from nine p.m. to twelve a.m. and I can't wait. I'm going as a vampire, I plan to get some fake blood and black make-up to make my wounds look infected.

I ran for Historian on Student Council, I lost to competition, but that's okay I'm still on student council. Plus, I got a lot of compliments from my peers and my teachers!

The other week I submitted some poems to my English teacher for bonus points, to make up for the fact that I think I bombed one of my test for Short Stories...I didn't know the material as well as I should have :(. But anyway, she loved the poems, she said the imagery in the poems was really good, she even said she wanted a copy! I love my English teacher so of course I said yes!

The new season of Degrassi: The Next Generation starts tonight! I can't wait!

I have a total of 346 pictures on my computer, just of myself. See this is what a digital camera does to me. When I was just taking pictures with my cell phone I had just 110 pictures on computer. That means I have taken a total of 236 pictures since I got my digi cam a couple weeks ago in September! Imma camera whore.

Speaking of pictures....Here are some pictures!:
These two were taken before I left for school infront of my front door. Looking at that I just realized my camera has the wrong date!
I love this shirt...it's purdy!

Well that's it, I hope you enjoyed that little slice of my life!
PS. I eat cucumber mayonaise, lettuce, and tomato on my Five Dollar Foot Longs...just thought you would like to know.
Amanda C.
October 11th, 2008 at 01:51am