I Hurt. I Hurt Lots.

This is a relatively short story.

Story: Matt is the guy i've crushed on for a good while along with Mello for a longer while. SUPPOSEDLY Matt likes me back, and I don't think so anymore. I haven't seen him much since I tried asking him out a couple weeks ago. Now I think he's flat out avoiding me.

I walked into the caf, there wasn't anyone behind us or anything, I saw him, he was looking straight at me, then he put his hood over his head and tried to make himsef inconspicuous. That really hurt.

I mean, I'd get it if he told me, but I don't see him a whole lot, and normally he seems ok with talking to me and stuff. Now all I can usually get in is a wave.

I'm really upset. I thought I finally liked a guy who wasn't a complete and total jerk!

I dont know why either, I only talk to him(whether he minds or not) when i call him, or on facebook chat. and he never says anything about it. and thats like once day before yesterday, and 5 weeks before that.

I dont think he likes me. Or he has a girlfriend. Someone whos NORMAL. who doesnt wear bunny ears to school.

I wore them last year, but apparently he thought they were cute, at least thats what it looked like. but he didnt mind them last year.

after all dont most guys WANT a NORMAL girl?

someone who doesnt attract attention?

doesnt stick out from a crowd?

Cause thats why I lost the only guy I ever had a chance with.
October 16th, 2008 at 11:28pm