That stupid jerk! I mean, you think you know someone.

You know how I said I had a crush on Matt? Well I wish I never did! Hes a total jerk! Heres why!

I was sitting with a couple friends in the caf, and other than us, there was no one at our table, there was no one at matts table. They said I should go talk to him, or they would drag him over to our table. they wound up trying to ask him to sit at our table, but he HID UNDER THE TABLE!!!!

later that night at the dance, I asked him to dance, but then, right after i asked(he had said yes) he left the gym(where the dance was) and went to the entrance to wait for his mom, and he didnt come back. I just cried. And he hadnt left after the last song played.

the next day, I saw him so I went up to him and said "About yesterdays dance..." then he said "Sorry, I couldnt find you." but I knew it was a lie, so I told him, "Yea right, Tell me the truth, I saw you leave." And he just walked away and ignored me.

That bastard is a total bastard, you know that? I thought he was nice!

It really hurts to know that.
November 3rd, 2008 at 12:19am