DRAMATIME!!! god i hate school.

Okay, so I'm mad at my best friend for the fourth time THIS YEAR.
she and I didn't get in any fights LAST year, no, this one has to be the bad year.

And it's for the stupidest reason too, but now I know why people get so mad when it happens!!!!!

Okay, so I've been single for a year and six months, because there's nobody worth dating here in my town. Then late september, WHABAM! this amazing guy comes out of nowhere.

Problem is, he's dating another one of my friends. So, I wait patiently for them to break up, and eventually they do and I ask him out a couple weeks later. He says, "I'll think about it..." which, of course, generally means no.

Then yesterday, my best friend starts hitting on him liike HUGE, and she's sitting on his lap and flirting with him and yadda yadda yadda.

All right, so clear things up here- My best friend is gorgeous, has virtually no bodyfat (and isn't even anorexic), and she's in acting classes so her future's pretty much smooth sailing.

Meanwhile, me... I'm cute at random intervals (far and few between), and i'm close to obese. yeah, not charming.

And she and this guy are pretty much about to go out.

So it's a dumb reason, but I'm still mad at her. I know how it feels now to be so insanely jealous of someone it hurts.


We're back in the stages where it's... somewhat rocky, I'm still a little agitated because she broke my trust but we've both apologized and things are set straight again.
November 11th, 2008 at 04:26pm