My B-day was Nov 20th.

Okay. There's been a lot going on these past couple days. I still really like Matt, but something new happened last night. I'll start with my B-day though.

I gained another year, but I had to babysit while my mom brought my brother into the nearest city to get me a gift, which slightly defeats the purpose.

I had to fix my own cake, because my mom thoroughly screwed it up.

And I had to make my own supper. I didn't get to choose it.

They got back pretty late.

I also discovered that I have abandonement issues.

I got a t-shirt, a housecoat 30$ and some fancy chocolate. I'm grateful, but I still feel just a little left out. My Bro's B-day was the 10th(ten days before mine.) And I gave him some really cool, expensive, wireless rechargeable headphones. I was given a T-shirt and chocolate. No offence to him, but I'm feeling a little.....I don't know, degraded? I mean seriously.

My mom gave my bro Guitar Hero for DS, she gave me a housecoat. I feel like My birthday isn't as cool as his. It's only 10 days before mine! My brother got a bunch of gifts for his b-day, because our relatives always send stuff.

My brother got a couple outfits, two pairs of jeans and two shirts. Plus he got a sweater, GHDS(guitar hero DS), wireless headphones, 8 chocolate bars, and some other stuff.

Am I not as important?

Boy problems

Yesterday night my school held a fundraising dinner. Joe(girl) was a waitress, and Kouichi(Boy) was there as a waiter too. I really didn't want to eat, because I was at the table alone. So I just sat there and after Kouichi was done serving other people he te with me so I wouldn't be alone.

Joe kept walking around, and everytime she came by me and him, she would drop comments about it looking like a date.

She said stuff like "All we need is a candle...." and "Oh I can just picture the eiffel tower in the background, with music and candles." To tell the truth I don't mind when she does that, but Its only slightly embarassing.

After a while I got a headache because there was an auction going on, so me and Kouichi went outside for a bit. He was jumping around because he has Adhd and is usually really hyper. I was just leaning against the wall, shivering. It was really freaking cold out.

I was already getting really confused. because I like Matt so much(i will also update on that.). And I really wanted a hug, we were both cold so we were standing and hugging for a bit. Then we went to the gym, because it was quieter in there(dinner was in the cafeteria) and we played random sports. like badminton, basketball, yatta yatta.

Almost everytime in basketball where i had the ball, he would be there, hugging me from behind, trying to get the ball away from me. but the thing is, he kept putting his head on my shoulder.

After it was time to leave, Joe went to call her dad to pick us up(I went there with her.) and I hugged Kouichi, just cause I like hugging people.

so I say "I'm really tired. I'm just going to pass out on your shoulder, okay?" and he says yea, so I just put my head on his shoulder, because i was really tired. and I asked him if he still liked me. (he told me he liked me at the dance.) and I really wanted to know, so I asked him. he told me "yea, I like you as a friend and maybe a little more." I just said okay and I zoned out for a bit.

He put his arm around me(we were stiing on the floor, against a wall.) after a while. And I just kind of cuddled up to him. I was cold.

I was really zoned out. I didnt really hear much, except "kodak moment!" and stuff. I know Kouichi said that we should get our stuff before our rides got there. I just looked up at him(my head was still on his shoulder, his head was leaning on mine.) and I know he was looking at me.

I COULVE SWORN HE WAS GOING TO KISS ME!!!!! seriously, there was not much space.

I do know that through the whole time, his shirt was slightly open and hanging off his shoulder.

Update on Matt(boy I have a huge crush on)

He agreed to try his best to get out of jiu-jitsu to come with me on my birthday party!!!!!! heres how.

Im going to see twilight on tuesday. I'm allowed to bring some friends. and so I asked him.(theres gunna be many more than just me and him.) I got really nervous about calling him, even though i've started "ignoring" him and hes talking to me more. I figure I just freaked him out. Who wants a girl to be asking for a date every time you see her, even if you do like her?

I called Joe, for emotional support, and then I wound up repeating 'I can do this' and then 'I cant do this'.

I wound up calling him nonetheless.

I got on the phone, his father picked up, I asked for Matt. When he got on the phone I asked if he was busy at the moment. he said he wasnt. the conversation went like this.

Me: "I dont know if I told you about this, but I'm going to go see twilight on tuesday, For my birthday?"

Him: "Oh, that? yea, you told me, why is something up? You sound upset."

"No, I'm fine. I was just wondering, well a friend cancelled out on me. So now we have an extra spot. I was wondering if you wanted to come?"

"Oh really? Who cancelled out?"

"Umm....Give me a sec, I need to remember his name."

"Haha, okay."

"Josh. I don't remember his last name. Geez, that was kinda pathetic."

"No, It wasn't pathetic."

"How so?"

" 'how so' you remembered his first name. If you couldnt remember his first name I might agree."

*sarcasm*"That makes me feel a whole lot better." I laugh.

"Thats what I'm here for." *laugh*

*me laughing a bit*

Him: "Ill see what I can do though. I might be busy. is this on the weekend?"

Me: "No, its on tuesday the 25th."


"Is something wrong?"

"Yea. I have jiu-jitsu..--"

"On tuesdays and thursdays! I forgot, Joe and Mello are in it too! Awe crap!"

"Yea. I might be able to get out of it though. I just need to convince my parents to let me out. They put over 3 thousand into it, so they kind of expect me to go."

"Its alright."

"Sorry, but I'll do my best to get out of it."

"I understand. I was just thinking you might wanna come. You don't seem like you do a lot afterschool or anything."

"Yea, I really wish I hadn't missed the Halloween party."

"Yea, it was a lot of fun."

"I can bet it was."

"Did you see the videos? My mom put them on Facebook."

"Actually, I did. They were really funny."

"Yea, Joe was dancing like she didnt know she was being recorded."


"So, you're okay with me calling?"

"Yea, why wouldn't I be?"

"I don't know, I just wanted to make sure, y'know?"

"Yea, I know."

"And you and me don't really get to talk much, so I was kind of hoping we could talk for a bit."

"Yea, it's fine with me."

"Well you know that teacher you had? Mrs ryan?"

"Yea? What about her?"

"Well she's evil."

"No she's not, she's the best teacher there, except for the drama teacher."

"Yea, drama beats everybody."

"Like I said."

"But how can you like mrs ryan?"

"Well, it was actually kind of funny in her class."


"Well, you never stay on topic. We even got into a discussion for more than half the period on 'how to rob tim hortons.' "


"yea! Thats what I mean. She can be really strict, but the class is really random."

"I guess I kind of noticed that to."

"Yea. So you see?"

"Did you hear that I actually told her I hated her?"

"No, I didnt. Did you really?"

"Yea! On the first day, she asked 'Who hates me already?' so I said 'Can I answer that honestly?' and she said yes so I said that i do."


"Yea. I seriously dont like her. I like the class, just not her."

"I see."

"Yea. About the movie, if you can, be at my place around 4:30, okay?"

"Alright, you guys giving out rides?"

"Yea. It is kind of my birthday party."

"Oh yea, by the way, hapy birthday."

*laugh* "Its actually tommorow" (I called him the night before my birthday.)

*laughs* "Yea, but I don't know if I'm going to see you tommorow."

"Oh, Okay."

"Oh, I gotta go, the phone's gunna die soon."

"Alright. I'll talk to you later, kk?"

"Yea, Bye."

Then I hung up. I figured it went really well! So, tell me, is a bunch of people going to the movies together a date? Because a couple friends say it kind of is, depending on if he sits with me or not.

Math time.

I'm almost failing in math. So i need a tutor. Turns out its Ken. He's at least a year and a half older than me. But he is so cute! And hes got a girlfriend. Oh well. he probably only sees me as a kid anyway.
November 22nd, 2008 at 05:33pm