Ryan's P.O.V.

"Hey, Cali," I said, opening up the door and smiling at her.

"Hi, Ryan. And Kingston," she said, smiling at my son who I was cradling in one arm. He stared up at her with wide dark chocolate eyes, as she stepped in. She placed a hand gently to her stomach, making my attention drift down to her growing tummy.

"Wow, you're really starting to show now," I told her, looking at he defined, round bump.

"Don't remind me. I feel totally fat and gross," she told me and I shook my head.

"And of course you're not. You're one of the most beautiful pregnant women I've ever seen."

"You obviously haven't seen many pregnant women," she answered, rolling her eyes. "Anyway, how's this little boy? Let me see him."

She took Kingston out of my arms and gazed down at him. He smiled slightly before giving a small sneeze. She laughed and wiped and reached for a rag to wipe his nose with. He screamed when the texture came in contact with his nose, so she wiped it quickly and held him against her chest, hushing him gently. He calmed down after a couple of seconds, allowing small snorts to come out of his nose, making more boogers appear.

"I'll do it this time," I offered. She nodded, holding him towards me. I grabbed a tissue, swiping it across his nose twice. She bounced him slightly as he squirmed aganst her.

"Oh, we're really pissing him off," she commented, laughing at his expression.

"Yeah, his been getting pissed at us wiping his nose for the last couple of days. He's got a bit of a summer cold," I told her.

"That's not good. Poor baby," she said, pouting her bottom lip at him.

"Nope it's not. But I'm taking him to the doctor in a little bit to get him checked out. He hasn't been eating that great, either. And the cough seems pretty bad for such a small kid," I said.

"When are you going?" she asked.

"When Pete gets back. So probably about four," I answered.

"Oh, lucky Kings," she laughed. "I just went to the doctor."

"How did that go?"

"Great. Brendon's, like, off the wall when ever we go. He gets so excited when she shows out ultrasounds of the girl," she told me and I smiled.

"I bet he does. Just four more months, right?"

"Yep. Unless they come early, which I really hope they don't," she said, playing with Kingston's feet.

"Neither do I. That really wasn't fun for me, and I wouldn't want you and Brendon to go through that."

"Yes. But at least this one's okay now," she said, lifting Kingston up to balance him on her shoulder. "I think Pete's here," she said, turning to look out the window.

Sure enough, I saw my boyfriend getting out of his car and walking towards the house.

"That was fast," I said, looking at the clock and seeing it was almost three-thirty already. "I didn't realize it was that late already. I guess that's what I get for finally being able to sleep in with Kingston."

"Did he sleep in this morning?" Cali asked.

"Yeah. He slept until eleven-thirty," I told her and she nodded while making a face of approval.

"That's really good. Sleeping schedule is going well, then?"

"Kind of. He's still I little confused, but for the most part he's sleeping a lot better than he was," I told her just as Pete walked in the door.

"Hey, Cals," he smiled at seeing her. He gave Kingston a kiss on the head before coming over and pecking my lips. "We have to leave soon," he reminded me and I nodded.

"I know that. Why don't you change his diaper for me so I can finish talking to Cali?" I asked and he nodded. He grabbed him up from her arms and walked upstairs to his nursery.

"You guys are so cute," she smiled and I rolled my eyes.

"Yeah whatever," I told her.

"Seriously. But anyway, I should be getting back to Brendon. He thinks I'm just running to the store. And I should come home with ice cream, seeing as I whined about it for a good half an hour earlier," she said, making me laugh.

"Yes, you probably should," I told her. She gave me a hug before walking out to the doorway to put her shoes on.

"I'll see you later," she called out.

"You too. Bye Cals!"

She waved before walking out the door.


"Okay, so what are we looking at today?" the doctor asked, coming in and looking at her clipboard.

"He has a quite a cold. And loss of appetite," Pete answered, letting Kingston hold onto his fingers.

"Okay, well then let's take off his shirt so I can check his breathing," she said, helping Pete undress him down to his diaper. She took the stethoscope and put it up to his chest, making him snort with discomfort at the cold feeling. Pete rubbed his back as he started crying, his breaths coming in exasperatedly.

"Kingston, calm down," Pete cooed and the doctor pulled away her stethoscope.

"He didn't take a very long nap today, so he might be a little cranky," I said, watching him begin to cry harder as Pete tried to calm him. He started gasping sharply, and my eyes went wide as I got closer.

"Why is he doing that?!" I asked Pete.

"I don't know. Oh my god, he's not breathing!" Pete's eyes widened as he looked to the doctor. She was calling a nurse into the room, telling her some instructions, and then turning back to Kingston. She tried giving him CPR, but he wasn't reacting. Before I knew it, an ambulance siren was blaring outside and a medical staff was putting my baby on the stretcher and wheeling him out of the doctor's offices.

Pete grabbed my arm and yanked me down the hall after him.

"Go in the ambulance with Kings," he told me, pointing me in the direction of it. "I'm going to follow in the car." I just nodded dumbly and climbed in the back of the car. I couldn't bare to glance down at my son, but I knew they were still trying to get him to breath. I willed myself to look, and saw them putting an oxygen mask over his tiny face.

My eyes flooded with tears as I tore them away from the sight.

It didn't even register in my brain that we were at the hospital until I was being rushed out of the ambulance as they ran him into the emergency room. I couldn't go any further, the doctor wouldn't let me in the room with him. I didn't know where Pete was and I felt helpless just standing outside the room my son was in, feeling like I couldn't do anything for him. I didn't know what else to do, so I did the only thing I could think of. I did something I haven't done in years.

I dropped down to my knees and prayed.
December 7th, 2008 at 10:20pm