I think I have too many books.

I really think I do, seeing as both of my bookcases collapsed today, apparently unable to take the strain any longer. I mean, they're sturdy bookcases, one's oak and the other...I dunno what the other is, but when you trip over and crash into it, it hurts a lot. And it's not like the shelves are weak or anything, or they're badly made or whatever. But anyway. They collapsed. I came home this afternoon after getting a rather large needle shoved through my septum, went up to my bedroom to have a rest, and I found hundreds and hundreds of books on my floor, my poor bookcases having finally given up and the shelves splintered and cracked in the middle, then followed by the actual case itself falling forward and smashing. I wasn't exactly pleased, and now the remains of the two bookcases are in my brother's shed for him to paint or summat, and my floor has been taken over by stacks of books. It's like a maze.

Actually, thinking about them now, I reckon they must've been badly made as what kind of bookcase topples over and smashes? You'd expect it to maybe get a crack in them or go a bit funny, but smash? Urgh.

So, I'm sat here with a fag, a giant mug of tea and a dilemma.
What exactly do I do with 1000+ books, and no bookcases/shelves/surfaces left?
December 11th, 2008 at 11:06pm