The Christmas Spirit...

December 14th 2008.

...really hates me.

Apparently, a nice Christmas gift for me would be a framed photograph of a baby with a not-so nice message written on the back. Why would she go out of their way to mock me at a time when all I really want to do is go to sleep and never have to wake up? she actually spent money on it, money that she could've wasted on something that wouldn't ruin someone else's life.

On another, less hateful, hand, I'm wondering about the Mibba Yearbook...? I know there was one last year (I didn't write an entry though because I was really new) and I assumed that there would be one this year. I only started thinking about it because someone made a post about it on the forums and I was wondering if anyone might know about it...?

I don't like sounding whiny and irritating so I'll talk about something interesting (mildly) and upbeat (well, not really). Hold on, I have to think of something to talk about. OH. Alexmandra (no, that is not a typo) won X Factor. I really wanted Eoghan, after Diana got voted off, to win though I knew he wouldn't. Hopefully Diana will go down the same route as Same Difference and get signed to a record label, I absolutely loved her. On the bright side, JLS didn't win. I could not stand those boys. Well, not the boys themselves but their performances and that jazz.

As Tuesday scuttles (yes, days of the week scuttle) ever closer, I am getting more and more excited over the release of Fall Out Boy's next album. FAD sounds amazing from what I've heard of it so far and I'm insanely tempted to download the leaked version but I shall exercise self-control. I have heaps and heaps of the stuff.Nice lies, y/y?

In otherrr news, I'm going to write an original story. I've got several unfinished stories centered around topics like eating disorders, depression, mental disorders etcetera. I want to continue a couple of them but what I really want to write is a really dark story on an eating disorder or a mental disorder, something with specific symptoms and attributes. Anyone into that sort of thing? More importantly, does anyone know any authors (on Mibba or off) who write that kind of fiction? I'd love to read some stories like that.

So yeah. This journal was pointless. Also, I would like to ask: is verbally abusing other users an infringement on the site rules? Can it get someone banned? And for how long (permanently/temporarily)?

Well, no witty last line today, folks. Oh, let's save the distress for sunny days.
December 14th, 2008 at 06:30pm