Saporta Lives!

December 18th 2008.

I, amongst many others, was (and still am) very worried about Mister Saporta. Our beloved Gabey Baby had to have surgery on his vocal chords. If you've seen the video of them, you'll know that they looked, in Gabe's own words, "like a vag". So, yesterday, at 7:30 AM in God-knows-which timezone, the surgery started and apparently he texted Pete (Wentz) and all is well and he is not dead! I'm glad, are you?
Gabriel Saporta:
All went well. Much pain and woozy. But all good. Spread word.
In other news, I started reading my copy of Twilight last night. It's been sitting on my bookshelf since late 2005 and I've never read it. When it became particularly popular and I read a couple articles on it, I was really put off. To be honest, I think the writing is terrible (though it's probably better than anything I could write) and the plot is worse. However, I do see sense in all the fuss over this Edward Cullen boy. He's rather delicious. Even in my mind. Now I have to finish reading the book so that I can race to a cinema and watch the movie... or I'll watch it on the internet.

I'm kind of distressed at my newly found fandom, even more so than when I fell in love with Miley Cyrus, Camp Rock or the Jonas Brothers. I have the urge... to write Twilight fanfiction! Out of sheer interest, I looked up some Twilight fanfiction and it was... er, not good. I guess it doesn't help in the way of fanfiction that the actual book is based on the romance between Edward and Bella. It's only natural that she gets cut out of a majority of the fanfics. I've already ordered the second and third books and is there a fourth? I'm too lazy and too tired (I was up until 4 AM reading Twilight) to actually go research the saga. So, er, Twilight fans welcome me? xD

Back to this Saporta business, I hope they reschedule their UK tour. I wanna buy tickets and meet them again. And this time, I'mma interview them all! I can't believe that pissy press manager dude took Gabe away from me! D: Not that I don't love Nate, it's just that Gabe smelt so good. -drool-

Er, yeah.

Anyone know why my journals aren't showing up on the main page? I'm not that explicit (I don't think) and I try my best not to ramble about sex and the like.
December 18th, 2008 at 12:44pm