Life Drawing :}

So, today I went to a life drawing class for the first time in aaaaages.
I haven't been for ages because we moved and I could'nt find one, and I haven't really been motivated :/ but I really need to brush up on my shading, cause I can't shade to save my life. It just smudges in a block. Anyway, I found one and went today.

It was gooood. We drew this old woman, and she was sat on this old sofa thing and blah di blah blah. The radio was on in the corner on quiet, and we're all sat round on our chairs with sketchbooks and easels and little proppy-uppy-things, and there's this woman just lolling about on the sofa thing, completely comfortable, completely still. And she looked so at ease, even with all her wrinkles and her chest all saggy and her stomach sort of...spilling? Mm. And the varicose veins and age spots on her hands. And I was thinking, how is she able to do that, knowing that people are going to be looking at all of her and marking it down on paper and drawing in every wrinkle and stretch mark and freckle?

I dunno, it just affected me a bit.
I dunnnnnnnnnnnnnno!
December 18th, 2008 at 11:53pm