It's Chico Time!

December 19th 2008.

As of tomorrow, Christmas is five days away and I'm letting the panic set in because I haven't gone Christmas shopping yet! Nor do I have a costume for the Christmas party I'm going to on Boxing Day. Nor do I have a new outfit for the New Year's Eve party I'm going to on the 31st. The reason I haven't been shopping yet is not because I am lazy, though that's usually the reason, it's because my mother has been ill and my father has been in Thailand until recently. Therefore, there has been no one to drive me into the nearest "city" (a large town with a cathedral in it), some fifty minutes away. On the upside my parents are taking pity on me (for reasons I cannot disclose to the general public) and have given me £200 to spend on Christmas presents and myself. That means, £50 for Christmas presents and £150 for myself. Don't look at me that way, I'm a fourteen-year-old girl and I really want a new tutu and a Care Bear t-shirt.

I know you're all asking, what does Kandace want for Christmas? Even if you aren't you're about to find out. My list is pretty simple: a Clandestine Industries hoodie, two language learning programmes, a Nintendo Wii game, an iMac (my dad owes me one, he stole my old desktop to upgrade his own computer) and a polaroid instant camera. I don't expect to get any one of these items but that's what's on the revised list I sent to Santa in November.

So, anyone else going to see Fall Out Boy show in Cardiff on 07/03/2009? I know at least one person on Mibba who is but I haven't talked to her about it because I have no idea who she is and she intimidates me. xD I'm really saaaad that Cobra Starship cancelled their UK tour (though I'm glad Gabe's vocal chords will begin to look like vocal chords again). They'd better reschedule! I wanna see my babies. ;____; Anyone else going to see them if they do reschedule? I'd most likely go to a show in Birmingham, Leeds (how far is that from Wales?), Cardiff or London, if it was at a good time for me.

Now... if you clicked on this journal, you probably clicked on it because of the title or maybe you journal-stalk me. The latter is highly doubtful as I've only posted 3 journals before this one (after I deleted 20-something a couple months ago). The truth of the matter is, it's not Chico time but I know that we all get very excited when we think it is.
December 19th, 2008 at 05:21pm