*** you.

That wasn't close to funny, Chris! You don't play with people's emotions like that! Sure, I said it was okay with me, but did you really think that it was? How would YOU feel like if someone told you that you're boyfriend fucked someone else?? Haha, funny. NO ITS NOT. I don't trust you anymore! Fine, you say that Jordan said that, but how can I know if thats real or not? I know Jordan, I've spoken to her already. She's not like that. You lost me by hurting my like this, Chris. You lost my trust, and ultimately my friendship.

Stop hitting on me, too. Its not cute. Its not attractive. You know I love Gabe, and nothings going to change that. That time when I got a little frisky was just for laughs. Nothing more. Stop trying to bring that back. You flirting with my makes me want to puke. It makes you seem so desprate. And maybe thats what you are. I'm sorry for Nikki, honestly. I can't believe she would settle for you. She deserves so much more. Shes out of your league. Give her to someone that deserves her, pal.

I used to be the one you would come to for advice and such, Chris. I always tried to help you out of a situation. I never wanted to stop patching up the missing peices in your heart. Now i guess I shouldn't have done that. I got too close. Im sorry for myself and you.

I always tried to patch things up with you and Gabe. You guys were the two boys I loved so much, but one day Gabe dispatched. And now I know why. You are the worst bro Chris. I seriously cannot forgive you. The things you've done, I just can't understand.

Kim and Sierra were lucky. They found a way to get away. They're better off this way. They're going to have better lives now. I know why they left you. And dont act like a idiotic kid that doesnt know whats happening. You know as a fact that it was you that was the problem in the relationship, not their situation in life. You're pathetic to me. And hopefully Nikki sees that.

Goodbye. Good luck.xoxo
December 22nd, 2008 at 10:38am