In School

It's 11:02am on a Monday. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realized that I'm in school.

It is now, and pretty much only now, that I remember to update my stories...

Useful, I know.

There's only about 5 minutes left in class, so I have to make this short.

I don't normally have access to computers in school (my busy scedual prevents it).

When I do, I'm normally doing weird shit like playing tetris or looking up random facts about bevears....

I forget to update... a lot, as you may have noticed.

So, this journal is an invitation for any readers to scream at me for an update.

Send it in a message, "UPDATE NOW!! ...Or eles"

Trust me when I say, that works.

I am relying on you, my duckies.

If you want more stories, tell me so.

I love writing, but I'm also very lazy.

Hit me up if you're bored...I'll get a chapter up by the next day, latest.



Your Clever Author,
December 22nd, 2008 at 05:07pm