Things to look forward to next year :)

I'm bored, and I think I should let you guys know that after I finish my current story, I'm NOT slowing down. Here's what I've been writing, it will be up next year ;)

{Bill and Tom} A little bit longer [00] And I'll be fine {Kaulitz} - Twincest (not related); After the love of his life, Bill Trumper dies, Tom Kaulitz is faced with the struggles of moving on. But what happens if his love returns? Nobody can return from the dead.

Bill Kaulitz: And stars are falling all for us - The only girl Bill Kaulitz has ever loved, is now engaded to his brother. To make it even worse, she's expecting his baby! However, a stranger admires him from afar, though looks could be decieving. For she thought that she had fallen inlove with a girl.

[00]Dig my grave {Bill Kaulitz} And watch me die [00] - (Currenlt removed from all websites) Emma and Bill are both miserable. They have no reason to stay in their so-called 'homes'. They have no choice but to run away, to save themselves. What happens once they meet up?

{Tom} If you were a girl (oo) I think you could understand {Kaulitz} -Leila has been hurt too many times before by her playboy boyfriend. After yet another arguement, she stroms off and makes a wish. Unfortunately for him, her wish came true and now the tables are turned. He was about to find out just how many times one heart could break.

My Escape is Reality: A Gustav Schafer Fiction - He ran away. To planet earth, as far as possible from the people who is trying to force him to marry a girl he hardly knows. He's forced to sleep the parkwhere he used to stay when his royal family went here. Every night, he sees a girl staring down at him. He wasn't normal, but neither was she. As you know, everyone has secrets.

{Georg Listing} The Checkerboard Chick - The whole world knows who she is, except for him. She never believed in love before she laid eyes on gorgeous waiter, but it could never be. Not only does her wealth and fame keep them apart, but their color too.

Together We Cry: A Bill and Tom Kaulitz fiction: Four kids. Broken dreams. Different problems, the same school. They couldn't be more different, but as they approach adulthood, will they be able to make it as friends?

Wenn nichts mehr geht {Bill Kaulitz} Werd' ich einn engel sein - He saw someone he never expected to see. But hey, he's already crazy.Trilogy of Love is Dead, sequel of Stain my rose With scarlet tears. (Can't say anything elseabout this one)

{Tom} Your picture is haunting me [01] But the eyes are empty {Kaulitz} (Rewrite of the story All I wanna do in this lifeitme {Tom Kaulitz} Is make you mine) - Nataly never expected to meet her soulmate in a stripclub, but she did. She knows she has to give it a shot. She's a stripper, what has she got to lose?

LikeI said before, all those stories have atleast a prologue and first chapter. And you're wondering what I'm doing on here so long? Ha ha ha. ;)
December 29th, 2008 at 10:19am