Sometimes, I wish I could save you.

I cannot believe he is doing this to me, to himself and to everyone else around him. I simply cannot watch him throw away his life on some girl. He's adorable, funny, sweet, smart and everything a girl would dream of, and he's fucking that up for someone that doesn't love him with her whole heart. This is stupid Migo, you deserve more than her.

This is how the past few weeks have been going with Migo...
Migo loves Erin, but its obvious to everybody, even Migo, that she doesn't care about him or gives effort to show that she loves him. All of his friends, including me, have told him that Erin is someone he should really stop going for since she has lots of boys already. I've told Erin that she's been hurting Migo too though, I used to be her best friend you see---I had inside access to her life so I could tell Migo how she's doing. She's a player while Migo is completely monotonous; meaning that Erin is the only girl that he loves and would shrug all compasssion towards other girls, even me but that'd another story already.

I'm scared for him. He's an A student, everybody loves him. He can get any girl he puts his eyes on, but he chooses to go for the one that barely has the time for him. Lots of people have a crush on him, even I did at one point until I saw how desprate he actually is.

I don't know how to put him back together. He's falling apart already. And I would hate to see my best guy friend to kill himself over my former best friend. I've tried telling him how much he means to everybody but that never works and it seems to make him more desprate after a while. Ive also told him that this is just a phase; that hes gonna meet better girls thsts worth his time, doesnt work---he thinks this is permanent. For a smart boy, hes really stupid, aint he? He wants the pain to go away, and I feel helpless just watching him drown in this.

Does anybody know what I can do to help him? It would really mean a lot to me.
thanks :)

December 31st, 2008 at 08:46am