Worst Names... Ever.

My mom and I were talking about names and stuff, and what would be the worst name.

I thought it was Thea Dotta. That's what my mom was going to name me. Isn't that just a horrible name? My cousin wanted me to be named Gem. Which, isn't too bad, but it's not that good either.

So, to you, what would be the worst name, ever? I think Elmo would be really bad too... But who in their right mind names their kid Elmo? That's like saying "Go ahead! Tease him! He's an open target!"

If you've ever seen Desperate Housewives, Susan Meyer's kid's name is Maynerd. It was Susan's ex-husbands (MJ's father) grandpa's name. So, they named him Maynerd Jr. but they call him MJ.

But still, Maynerd! Isn't that... cruel?

And a boy named Sue. That's just heartless. There's a song named A Boy Named Sue. It's by Johnny Cash. It's actually a good song...

So, tell me, what is the worst name ever? Or, a really bad name? Girl or boy, or both.


PS; I looked up Cullen in 25,000 Baby Names, and I found out it means 'handsome'. Suits the Cullens, right?
January 23rd, 2009 at 04:33am