Alrighty then, I just got back from the LeATHERMOUTH show in Fords. That's about a half an hour from where I am. It was an amazing show with amazing people. Frank is totally kickass live and knows how to work a crowd. Oddly enough he looks a lot like my art teacher except, Frank is (I give it) maybe five inches shorter and a little thicker in the middle. He is such a cutie pie!

When I first got there with my friends it was during their soundcheck. So, while walking around I just watched him repeat, "Check check." It was funny at the time because I was saying the words to the music being played on the guitar he was strumming. Afterwards we had to go wait out in a line behind the store in the cold. It wasn't too bad since Frank brought out coffee and munchkins (donut holes to some) out for us. I thought that was so sweet!

The show was totally amazing! I finally got to see what the other guys in LeATHERMOUTH looked like. There was this one guy with a really big nose but, he's cool. I got my CD signed by the whole band and my Hello Kitty keychain plushie signed by Frank.

Gotta admit his eyes are amazing as well. I couldn't help but stare at them when I was at the signing table. They were just so...gorgeous.

Met some awesome people as well! There was this one girl who had a picture of her with Mikey from the previous LeATHERMOUTH show. I almost had a fan girl moment when I saw that picture. (Well, that sort of thing happens with anything Mikey Way for me. Bad habit.) Met some other Mibbians at the show so a shout out goes to you two!

This is pretty much it...*goes back to stare at signed CD*
January 28th, 2009 at 04:52am