Worth My While

I am hungry. Starving in fact. But I don't care becuase I am so happy.

I finally came down from my high. I was shaking and cold and sick because I haven't had what I took in awhile.

But I'm good now.

And I'm hungry. But I haven't eaten since before I took my "meds".

So now I am smoking my cigarette and writing a journal becuase I am finally in a good mood.

I'm also fairly exhausted because of said high. And the fact that it is nearly one in the morning and I am still on the computer typing meaningless entries about my addictions.

I have nothing to do on the computer and I feel as if I should go to bed. But I don't want to because my boyfriend is not home again tonight and I HATE sleeping alone. Absolutely loathe it. It's even worse when I wake up and he's not there. It makes me feel alone, and sad.

But I will go read stories to make my life better. For the moment at least.

If anyone is online at any given moment and reads this. Please feel free to comment me. Good, Bad, and everything in between, I love making friends. Or enemies. I can go either way.
February 1st, 2009 at 06:44am