People like this irritate me and make me hit them

I was sitting at lunch today in Upper Level(which is the top part around the cafeteria) by the stairs, and there was this kid sitting in the Pit(the lower lever that is surrounded by the Upper Level area) and he kept yelling things at people who walked by the stairs on Upper Level. I guess he was saying things to people who were walking by him in the Pit too.

Well, Justin, that's the kid with the mouth, was watching some kid go by. Now this is one of those kids who wears the tripp pants, and all black and paints his nails black and he's kinda heavy-set and you know he's self concious. Justin yells up to him.

I looked at my boyfriend and three friends that were sitting with us and visibly tensed up. This is how our conversation proceeded:

Keirsten: I think his name's justin.
Me: Who?
K: The kid down there. (Points to the mouth.)
Me: Really?
K: Yep.
Shawn: Why does it matter?
Me: It doesnt. He'll still be cryin for his mommy when I finish with his ass.
Jeff: Baby don't. You're 18.
Me: and?
J: Whatever. If he says something to you, let me kick his ass.
Everyone laughs and looks down at the pit.
At this time, I see my friend Nichole walk by him.
I stand up and start to walk towards the stairs when I my boyfriend grabs my arm. He shakes his head and points. I look down the stairs and smile.
Mrs. Sylvain(admin) is down there trying to seperate Justin from another guy who was punching him in the face. She was yelling into her walky talkie and then she dropped it, nearly crying and yelling to get the boys off of each other.

Justin grabs a chair, but before he can swing it, the other kid knocks him in the face with a mean right hook.
Nyhmen(I don't think that's how his name is spelled, but he's an Asian kid, and that's how I would pronounce it) Stands up, places a hand on each boys chest, and shoves. Hard.
Both boys are sent backwards, and Justin lands on his ass.

My friends Spencer and Alex were told to stay with Mrs. Sylvain becuase she was afraid of what would happen. The officer went down, and the bell rang.

Needless to say, that fight made my day and I didn't get in trouble. I would've been arressted, not just because I'm 18, but because I had wrapped the chain from my wallet around my fist and was going to cause him some dental harm so long as everyone kept out of my way.

I don't know what it is that makes people happy when they lower someone's elses self esteem, but that kid was just a freshman and got his ass kicked for being mouthy to upper classmen. I know he learned a lesson, but it still bothers me to know that assholes like him tear kids like me and my friends down.

Either way, the next time I hear someone say that I'm going to get up and kick the ever living shit out of them. :D

BEDTIME...or Breakfast. One before the other I suppose
February 1st, 2009 at 09:58am