It is official

Actualy I just wanted to start off by saying that I didn't sleep much last night due to weight loss infomercials. :D

And when I finally woke up, I ate a cheeseburger.


Not really but yea,I decided that I don't like having a desktop. But that's not the reason for this entry, ok enough blabbing here goes:

I am so sick and tired of feeling sick...and well tired. I just keep forcing myself to pretend that I'm alright when I'm not, and taking the drugs that I do, I feel like if I do it for too long then it's going to kill me, or someone's going to take them away too fast and the withdrawals will kill me...or I'll just kill myself. Either way, this shit is going to be the death of me if I can't get it under control, and I am having such a hard time doing that.

I keep promising my friend Wil, little by little and day by day that I won't take any drugs that day, and then the next day, I make a promise similar to the first one, but I almost always end up screwing it up and breaking the promise and having to make a new promise while I'm completely out of it.

I want to quit but I can't.

I don't want any comments on this entry flaming me. If I see any, I'll delete them and then rant about it in a later entry.

Don't judge me.
February 1st, 2009 at 07:39pm