Tre Cool and everything Sexy

"Yea. Get it in ya. Chocolate milk. Uh." Tre Cool

"Break the rules." Tre Cool

"Alright, who's going to steal the vehicle?" (I think Mike asked this)
Tre Cool climbs into the drivers seat of the van and takes off.

"We might be out of our minds sometimes, but we're fucking smart." Tre

In response to the question: Who do you think is the most influential band in punk rock right now?
"Us. Duh." Tre

Tre cool has trouble getting into Canada because he was drunk driving and he hit a police officer. But his story is:
"No, he actually ran into me, but whatever."

"Hey look I'm skiing!" <---said when sitting in between Billie and Mike.

"When you have a facist prick like George W. Bush running the country, it makes punk rock stronger, cause people are more pissed off." Tre

"We can hump a chair like nobodies business." In response to Paula Abdul being their choreographer

"The police are not your friends." Tre

"I need a new wife." Tre

Tre Cool has only one nut because of a unicycle accident.

"I have a microphone." Tre

"I'm Tre Cool and I'm an alcoholic." Introductions.

"No capes. No capes."

"Aquaman is total horse shit."
February 1st, 2009 at 10:47pm