25 random facts about myself...or not

OK...so I guess I am doing this because:
A) work is being real slow today and I am freezing my ass off with the air conditioning blasting away, mehaving thought it would get real hot today when i picked out my clothes and
B) because a certain Finnish lady mentioned that she wants to read my random facts when she's waking up...haha...I believe she was implying that I am a random person, which I refuse to admit,...so there!

1. I was on a camping weekend with my sister(she's 12 years older than me) and her best friend when I was 14, and she plopped something between my lips, which turned out to be a joint. So: I had my 1st spliff, laying on my back, head on my sister's lap, looking up at the night sky on a small island in teh Baltic Sea.

2. I haven't dyed my hair in 1 1/2 years and the black is only half way grown out by now...argh!

3. I'd prefer Jameson straight over JD with(or without) coke any day!

4. Whenever you think you see me having a lazy eye, I am either really really drunk, or am scared. Funny thing, everytime they'd gimme shots as a kid, I'd get cross-eyed.

5. Any norwegian man saying "of course" in english with that sexy norsk accent has a 95% cghance of getting in my pants. I can't do nothing against it, it's just the slightly rolled "r" that gets me worked up like nothing else!

6. I gave the Helheim vocalist/ best friend of my Norwegian ex(...ha, Norwegian men, there we go again) a massage straight after they got off stage and they took off their chain mail...hell, sweaty men can be like sooo sexy!

7. I love burying my nose in my man's arm pit. Sue me!

8. I was told by different people, whislt working in different jobs, that "with this voice", I am in the wrong business. Hum...phone sex apparently would earn me millions!

9. I'm a woman, so I am always right...even if you're in the woods and I can't hear what you're saying!

10. I could kick Chuck Norris' ass any day!

11. I used to have an albino Californian King Snake as a pet...until she kept striking at me and I was moving from Cork to Dublin...and had to sell her back to pet shop. She was soooo pretty and her name was Lola.

12. I sound like a guinea pig when I sneeze

13. I was booking bands in for gigs at a small place in Berlin called Notausgang, when I was 16...it was brilliant, they let me free hand completely!

14. I slapped Zacky V. and am now regretting it...or am I???

15. It'll be 48 degrees(110 Fahrenheit) in Sydney this weekend

16. I never owned a Barbie, but instead I had He-Man action figures and plenty of Matchbox cars, and was constantly beating up boys in Primary School. Tom- boy much?

17. I have H- Cups...though now that I am pregnant and my hubby says they grew heaps, they're prolly G- Cups now. Someone please gimme money for a reduction!!!

18. When I was 13, my sister took me to friends over a weekend in the countryside(see: my sister was like suuuch a bad influence on me), and we headed to a club there. They let me in and asked her for ID. Haha, I was 13 and she was 25...sweet! She almost busted the bouncer's balls, but that would have meant they would have kicked me out, so she just showed him that stupid ID with a lot of profanities under her breath.

19. I used to hit on guys for my sister when she took me to Guns n' Roses in 1994 and to Bon Jovi in 1998(I think it was '98)...with the result of the guys buying me beer and my sister blushing for me coming back to her saying "This is my sister."...and just leaviung the two of them alone...haha, she hated me, but I do believe she got a good fuck out of my bluntness once or twice!

20. I am working for Australia's biggest battery distributor. manufacturer...just so you know!

21. My baby- girl will not wear any pink clothes! ...Well, apart from stuff that tasha bought her, or my mother in-law, or my mom, and...you get the idea?

22. My hubby's nickname is Frog or Frogga since primary school. He's obsessed with Frogs...who would have known?

23. I believe that I would be able to come up for a solution for world peace...all it would take me would be 3 packs of smokes, 3 bottles of red wine and a night of phil;osophical discussions with myself, sitting on a field whilst there is a thunder storm going on, talking to Thor. One thunder = yes, two thunders= no. I have done it before and I will do it again! He's a funny God he is!

24. I hate confrontations. I usually just shut up and look to the ground, waiting for the other person to shut up. And then, when everything is calm, try talk like civilized people. I simply hate the drama!

25. Muesli gives teh same symptoms as lock jaw after having eaten about 3 spoons full...I swear!
February 4th, 2009 at 12:58am