First Entry - Part 2

hmmm... I thought I should share what I just have found out.. another reason to hate this country!

now it is official! I CANT see MCR in june!! *cries* they are playing during the night and cause my a-levels are on the next day I cant see them! that's soooo unfair!

I know our political and school system sucks but that I am hated that much! incredible!

and cause MCR arent that famous in austria I donno when I get the next change to see them live....

... so thanks a lot sucky Austria! And again you proofed that you are a country I defniitely cant love.. not now and not in the future! Just do what the oher stupids countries of the Europen Union are doing and you are going to fail!

Cant wait to move away and watch you while drowning!
May 7th, 2007 at 07:30pm