Twizzlers vomit

Thursday night. Masterworks concert. The most epic choir concert ever (or at least so far, there could be more to come xD).

The masterworks concert is a concert our school does once a year, where all the choirs (Concert choir, woman's choral, treble choir, and bass choir) all get together to do a masterwork. This years piece was only about 20 minutes from start to finish, while last years was near 45 minutes. It was Schubert's Mass in G, and it was BEAUTIFUL! But this journal isn't about the song, it's about the drunks and the twizzlers.

Three concert choir students showed up to the concert drunk. and how stupid do you have to be to show up drunk to an event like this? One guy got kicked out of show choir, and they all have a ten day suspension. If you're going to get wasted, don't do it before the biggest choir concert of the year.

And then the twizzlers. Now this is epic. During the last movement of the song, this short little freshman boy by the name of Rob, threw up all over the sophomore boy in the row in front of him. Apparently, he had eaten an entire package of twizzlers before hand, so the vomit was red and somewhat chunky (not that you needed to know that, but too late now! hehe).

The guy Rob vomited on ended up throwing up his white dress shirt, so after the concert, he just had a white tee shirt on and his tie. It looked funny. But if I was him, I would have thrown it away too, because twizzlers vomit on a shirt is just plain nasty.

moving on, this song makes me cry, and I love it: It's a show choir song that my school performed a few years ago. I know most of the people in it too ^_^
February 8th, 2009 at 03:33am