Korean Boy singing "Touch My Body". XD

I'm not sure if a lot of you have seen this video but I'm still posting it anyway. I know, I know; it's not good to make fun of people. I just think it's funny. I'm not some racist shithead either. And even if I was, it'd be pretty stupid if I made fun of a fellow Asian.

My mom literally ROFL'd at this. And she doesn't even know the original lyrics! If you can't see the subtitles, just watch the video in Youtube.

"Tarts my.. aaaahh, corner kick me my bra is stuck!"
Touch my.. aaah, come on and give me what I deserve?

Okay, I just totally flaunted my Mariah-Carey-lyrics-knowing-ness. >.>

February 9th, 2009 at 01:46pm