"I got bitten" "By what?" "Edward Cullen."

No, I did not get bit by Edward Cullen, nor is this about Twilight, so if that's the only reason you clicked on this, the back button is up there. However, if you're actually interested in my traumatizing experiences, then avoid the back button =D

I did get bit, but not by any sexy vampires. I got bit by a pit bull mix. I was walking my dog (Molly) after school on Thursday, and I saw these two other dogs (Both pit bull mixes), so I crossed the street because my dog can get a little bit Territorial. Molly started to bark, but I made her sit and told her not to bark, and she's pretty good with commands so she calmed down a bit. We kept on walking, but then one of the dogs across the street slipped the leash and darted over to my dog and I.

(This is the part that makes me re-live it, and go back into this state of shock. It still scares me):
The dog kept trying to latch it's jaws on my dog, and since Molly is small, when the dog actually ended up biting my dog, it was almost as if Molly was halfway in the dogs mouth. And this scared me so much. I kept trying to get the dog away from Molly, I was screaming, and screaming, "NO, NO, NO" in this voice I've never heard myself use. It was a desperate cry, my vocal chords strained as I hit decibels I never knew I could reach. When I had been trying to get this dog off of my dog, I had gotten bit, but I didn't notice it until after wards.

My college aged neighbor (Who had been watching the dogs for his friend at work) had come running across the street within seconds, but it seemed like it took him forever to reach me. He wrestled the pit bull to the ground, and asked if I was all right and if my dog was all right. But I couldn't talk, I couldn't say anything. I managed to let out a meek "I'm going to take her home" before speed walking back home.

I'm not going to go through everything that happened, but my mom went over and talked to our neighbor and demanded to know if that dog had it's rabies shots and all that, they didn't know so my mom got angry. Two phone calls to Animal Control, one phone call to the vet, and one phone call to my doctor later, and my mom had calmed down. I hadn't though, and neither had Molly. I paced for two hours, and half of that time I was crying and shaking. I couldn't calm down. By nighttime I couldn't get to sleep, since I was still in shock. My dog is worse though, she's still shaking and whimpering, and her ears and tail are flat. I know it's only been a day, but I hate seeing her in pain.

My dog has been to the vet, and they treated her wound, which is really nasty and deep and I get queasy whenever I look at it, and she's on pain medication. I have a small wound in the palm of my right hand. I'm supposed to be watching to see if it gets infected, because if it does, then I have to go to the doctor.

These dogs, as we found out today, have not had their vaccinations. I don't know how irresponsible of a pet owner you would have to be to not vaccinate them. That means they haven't had the rabies vaccine. We're sure the dog didn't have rabies though, it would have been really bad if it had though, seeing as both me and my dog were bit.

It took me about an hour to type this, since I keep re-living it and getting the same sense of vulnerability I had yesterday afternoon. I was scared and I can't get it out of my mind. I'm better today than I was yesterday; yesterday I wasn't able to even sit still. I'm probably just repeating myself now, so I'll end this.

February 14th, 2009 at 02:36am