Annoying kids... annoy me.

Today my parents and I went to visit my grandma for a few hours. She's doing pretty good. Her new pair of glasses is awesome, it really suits her. My rich woman of an aunt also got her a new small couch which I'm really jealous of because it's way comfortable. I might just visit her more often. ;) Kidding.

So after visiting my grandmother, I told my parents I wanted sundae. I actually NEEDED sundae. I could pretty much taste it on my tongue even before I ate it. Anyway, we went to McDonalds because it was the nearest store that sells sundae. My dad stayed in the car while my mom and I went in. I stood in the line beside my mom and since it was a surprisingly long line, I took out my MP3 player [yes, we're too poor for an iPod, thanks] and listened to music.

That's when the annoying kids came into the picture. I was listening to Fall Out Boy, right? And then a couple of kids just started running back and forth between me and my mom. At first I went all, "Ah, children.". But they kept running in between us it was HARD to not be pissed off by them. Some of them even ran around me. >.> One of them almost fell on my bum because she lost her balance, but I was able to catch her.

If the kids' moms hadn't stopped them, I would have said, "Listen up, kids. What you're doing is annoying so it's either you shut up and stay still or I lock you up inside the bathroom." to the kids. I know, I know. I'm mean, inconsiderate, and an a*shole in general. And for the record, I actually don't have an excuse. I'm just like that.

But the important thing is that I'm sorry for what I had planned to do if the moms hadn't stopped them. So yay to the moms who unknowingly kept me from exploding at little kids like I probably would.

So yeah. That's my stupid entry of the day.
February 15th, 2009 at 01:09pm