A Little Rant...

Sorry, i just thought i'd have a rant about a couple of things - Firstly

Why do people spread something around - go over the top and make you out to be an idiot when you didnt do it in the first place!?!
---In more detail... you do something stupid, But its like you were just trying it out, and then people are going around telling everyone - and then say you did it but made a fool of yourself?! For example (not what happened) You get really drunk - and then they go round telling people you were plastered and started making out with people... When you know that that did NOT happen... before you know it people are asking you stupid things about that night and everyone thinks you made a fool of yourself!? When you know you didnt!!
I mean do you get what i mean at all? People go over the top just for a little bit of gossip but it makes you look stupid! AND IT ISNT EVEN TRUE.... Urgh

Another thing

For example - i went out with this looovely guy who is the nicest bloke you'll ever meet... But you really just arnt interested-so you break up with him... And you stay friends with him - But he KEEPS asking you out to places... So after a while you cant get anymore excuses out you just have to say yes, to keep the friendship going... before you know it your giving him the 'wrong impression' and your the bad person.... Why cant you just be fucking friends!! Like going to the cinema ... can it get any more obviouse that your not interested if you say 'Oh who else is coming - we can go out with a load of MATES' So that its not just you two... But noooooo excuse come saying 'oh they'r all at work'... but you cant say your not going anymore because you already agreed!!

Uuuuurgh sometimes i just HATE PEOPLE!!!

right my little rant is over now....

p.s. Dont worry i didnt get real drunk and 'make a fool of myself' - i dont drink... It was just an example, lol.
February 17th, 2009 at 08:47pm