I smell like a skunk. Literally. Skunk. Smell.

So after a day at the mall, I come home and my boyfriends mom, Kathy, turns to me and says,
"you smell that?"
"no. Smell what?"
"I dunno, it smells like a skunk."

well we just shrugged and ignored it. Today...ah today.
Everytime I'd walk into a room, my boyfriend, his dad or his mom would kinda crinkle their nose and say "you smell that?"

Apparantly, I unsuspectingly walked into the path of a skunk and got some of it's stink, on me. Now I am looking up curse for "the stink"

Anyone got an idea OTHER than tomato juice? becuase I am NOT a dog.
February 23rd, 2009 at 02:32am