Secret Valentine Tour! [pics]

If I sound like a fan girl, I'm sorry, it's just because it was amazing and I'm still really excited. =)

When: Feb 28
Where: The People's Court, Des Moines
Who: We The Kings, The Maine, The Cab, There For Tomorrow, and Versaemerge.

The ticket said 5:00, so we timed it that the show started at five, but actually that was just when the doors opened. So at 4:59 we were standing in the cold (Thirty degrees!) without coats in this insanely long line that wrapped around the block. And even after 5:00, the line was moving SO slowly, so it took forever to get into the building. And once inside the building, we had to go up two flights of stairs, because the People's Court (The venue) is located on the third floor above this bar called People's (No duh).

Apparently, there was this "Gypsy Lady" (according to some dude in line in front of us) who had bought like a hundred tickets in advance, and was selling them down the street for $85 because the show was sold out. That's such a rip off because I only payed $15 for my ticket. Eh, we were bored when standing in line so Nikki and I discussed this amongst other things for about twenty minutes >.>

When Nikki and I were halfway up the stairs, we heard the music start, and I was panicking because I thought it was There For Tomorrow, but soon we figured out that it was Versaemerge because we could faintly hear female vocals through the muffled walls. We made it inside to see the last two songs of Versaemerge, and they were pretty good, I guess, but I don't know any of their songs so I really can't judge.

Next was There For Tomorrow. They played really well and had good stage presence (the only reason I'm not saying they were f****** amazing is because of the Cab, but I'll get to that later). They played their cover of Ice Box from the Punk Goes Pop CD and it was really cool.

The Cab. OMFG. They owned the show. They were just simply amazing. They played well, they worked the crowd, and had the best overall show of the night. I knew all of their songs, not necessarily all the lyrics, but I danced and jumped just like everyone else and this is when I noticed that the floor shook when everyone jumped. The People's Court is a loft type venue that holds less than 1000 people, but it was a sold out show and it was packed, so when everyone jumped, it was so cool, the floor shook!

The Maine. They didn't top the Cab's performance, but they were really energetic and fun. I only knew a few of their songs, but once again, I just jumped around and felt the floor shake.

We The Kings! I'm not going to go into every detail of the songs, but they played most of the songs off of their CD, they covered Mr. Brightside by the Killers, and Travis did a short acoustic cover of I'm Yours by Jason Mraz, and that led into This Is Our Town. I love that song.

And RIP Spike, the pet fish of Danny (The drummer). He died the day of the show. He was only a few days old, as Travis explained that they won the fish at a state fair less than a week ago. Travis recommended we have a moment of silence for Spike, so he said, "On the count of: 1, 2, 3, SHUT UP" and it got quiet for a whole two seconds, until some dude shouted "SPIKE LIVES ON!" Danny and Travis joked around on stage for a while, and then Danny told us that the best way to remember Spike was to play his favorite song, which happened to be the Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air theme song. So Danny played the theme song. and it was KICK ASS!

I didn't catch any drumsticks or guitar picks, which is sad, but at least none hit me on the head this time! Plus, I found one on the ground afterward when I was heading towards the merch table. Also, on the way to the merch table, this dude and his friend say to me and Nikki, "Hey, sup?" In that annoying-cocky-I'm hot way that disgusted me. So I pretended not notice and went to buy a shirt.

The shirt I got says "I like you. Like, like-like you. -The Maine" on it and it makes me giggle. And it's purple, which is always a plus xD

And now for pics!

The whole album:

Travis and his awesome hair (I'm obsessed with his hair in this picture):

Hunter from We The Kings:

I also made a video compiled of clips that I took on my camera, but youtube won't allow me to upload it cause it keeps saying that the format isn't correct or something like that.

I have a Mac, so any of you who post videos to youtube and use iMovie, please help! =D

I'm done rambling now. xD

March 2nd, 2009 at 12:12am