Characters for my story.

So, a couple of people said they were getting confused because there's so many new people in the story, and nicknames and full names are probably confusing to decipher. So I'm going to put the names for the characters in here, and nicknames I might call them by next to it. I might update this a few times too.


1. Liliana Urie- Lillie.
2. Mollie Urie- Mollie, Mols.
3. Gabrielle Saporta- Gaby, Brooklynn.
4. Priscilla Blackinton- Rissa
5. Stassi Siska- Stass, Sisky.
6. Estella Suarez- Stella.
7. Damien Blackinton- D. Damien.
8. Delilah Navarro- Lilah.
9. Kingston Ross-Wentz- Kingston, Kings.
10. Sunnie Smith- Sunnie.
11. Jacob Walker- Jake.
12. Massie Chislett- Massie, Mass.
13. Jase Carden- Jase.
14. Malakai Carden- Malakai, Mal.
15. Kyleigh Beckett- Ky, Kyleigh.
16. Chase Mrotek- Chase.
17. Jocelyn Trohman- Jo, Joey, JoJo, Josie, Joce.
18. Jayden Hurley- Jay.
19. Parker Stump- Parker.
20. Payten Stump- Payten.
21. Shayla McCoy- Shay.
22. Dominick McCoy- Nicky.
23. Jeritt Walker- Jer, Jeritt.
24. Kyran Smith- Kyran.
25. Monroe Ross-Wentz- Monroe.
26. Lyric Ross-Wentz- Lyric.
27. Rylee Ross-Wentz- Ry.
28. Steven Saporta.

Hopefully this helps a little bit.
March 3rd, 2009 at 04:36am