I am finally doing something for myself.

Today I realized that I needed to catch up on the work that I had been avoiding in the Freshman Science class I have been skipping so I stayed after school for an hour and got in one lab that was due and a few other papers as well. I brought home the rest of the work and have almost completed all of it.

If I don't pass this class. I don't graduate this year. I've taken this class five years in a row (this being the fifth year). Yea, I suck at Science.

Anyways. I am pulling my grade up. I am sending in my resume to an online job that focuses on my area. I'm calling a woman tomorrow about a job working at the YMCA as a receptionist. I got in touch with my social worker today and touched base; she gave me a number that tells me what is covered by Maine Care (Maine's version of insurance for poor people and young adults living on their own.) I touched base with someone at CSI (Counseling Services Inc.) and got an appointment for later this month with a counselor.

Her name is Peggy. I have yet to meet her. But I'm glad that I'm taking the necessary steps in getting myself help.

Wow. I did a lot today. This is new for me. haha. Well it's back to homework for me. lol.

March 3rd, 2009 at 11:19pm