He Cheated on me and lied and betrayed my trust

This message was sent to my boyfriend from his girlfriend...not this one...not me.

look i REALLY dont like being lied to.
You said you weren't with Megan anymore..
Yet she sent me this like 2 hours ago on AIM

"eracer6437 (7:16:19 PM):[Offline IM sent 2h and 54m ago] Katie, this is Jeff's girlfriend Megan. I was hoping you could contact me at some point. Send me an email or something of the sort. My email is: skaterpunk102@yahoo.com
eracer6437 (7:16:25 PM):[Offline IM sent 2h and 54m ago] or just go through myspace. I'm on Jeff's"

you didnt need to lead me on
that freakin hurts Jeff.
I guess your not the guy I thought you were.

tell megan to leave me alone
i dont wanna be a part of any drama

thanks for lying to me


SO What do you all think?
March 5th, 2009 at 02:12am