Break dancing cans of frosting entertain me

I baked a cake today, even though it was from a box and the frosting was from a can, but it was good. Once I spun the can of frosting around once, I noticed that it looked like break dancing, so I started singing “U Can’t Touch This” and my mom thought I was crazy xD

I then spun the can on the floor so my dog could see it. She just batted at it and growled at it. It was cute; I love my dog =D

And now to my dream, though it was more of a nightmare.

I don’t remember how the dream started, but it was summertime and I was home alone with my dog. I walked past the front door, which was open, and I noticed a strange man crouched in the bushes. I started freaking out and then he noticed me. He threw an arrow at me, but I must have had fast reflexes because I managed to close the door in time so it didn’t hit me.

I ran to the guest bedroom and called my mom at work. While I was waiting for her to pick up, I looked out the window to see a girl bound and gagged with a green bandana. She looked at me and her eyes were pleading for help. Not so coincidentally, this girl was near the same bushes that the guy from earlier had been in. My mom didn’t pick up the phone, so I then called 911 (which should have been the first place I called).

“911 please state you emergency,” The lady on the other end said.

“There is a strange guy outside my house, and a hostage, I’m fifteen and I’m home alone,” I remember rambling into the phone amongst other things. The lady started talking to me about when the police would get there and I wandered out into the living room, but I froze when I saw the guy from before and one other guy in the kitchen going through our stuff.

I told the 911 lady this and she told me to get as far away from them as possible. So I decided my basement bedroom was the best place, but then I noticed my dog in the living room, and I love my dog, so I ran out to pick her up and take her down stairs with me, but the men noticed. Then turned and yelled; I noticed they had guns, and they were pointed. I ran with my dog downstairs, but when I was almost there, I tripped and almost fell, but I dropped my dog. I tried to get my dog into my room then, but the men were calling “here puppy!” from the top of my stairs, so my dog started up the stairs again.

My instinct was to run after my dog, so I did (very stupid on my part). I managed to get my dog out of the way and safely locked in my room with me, while I was still on the phone with the 911 lady.

I started waking up at this point, so in my semi conscious state, I tried to make it end happily with the police coming and taking the men away and rescuing the hostage girl. And then I was awake and wondering why the hell I have dreams like that.

So yeah, I have weird dreams. And I have oodles of math homework to do because I have to finish all of it, and take the chapter test before I leave for South America over spring break, so I’m doing five days worth of math homework this weekend. It sucks.

I’m going to stop rambling now.

Peace&Love, Erin
March 8th, 2009 at 02:59am