Odds 'N' Ends and Simultaneous Friends

There's just going to be a bunch of random, but still important things in this entry. I took the liberty of making the titles bold, so you can just skip the parts that don't concern you, or the parts that you would find boring.

Mibba Babies; Not Literally

I'm refering to my stories.

No worries, they'll still be up and going, I'm just completely emersed in my more serious story. By serious, I mean one that might actually appear on the bookshelf of Chapters one day. At least I hope. The title is Virtual Strangers and I love it.

TiMP hasn't been getting much updates, and I have realized the comments on the threads have gotten fewer and fewer, but that's all right :) I update 'cause I love writing, and I desperately want to finish at least SLabels and think up a good ending for TiMP.

As for HCIP, we'll see. It's still a a flower bud right now. I've got the story figured out, and the main events down too, I just need to write the parts where the characters actually get to that scene. The transitions are the parts that I really dislike. But a story can't go without them, so even though I will most likely be plodding my way through the plot, it'll still get done. Promise.

Just asking those wonderful, and notice how I put wonderful in italics, readers will get a good grip and hang on. The thing I hate most is how I probably lost so, so, so many readers because of my lack in updates.

There are many, many stories I have loaded in my head. At least three. Or four. Which include...-badumbum- Crescent Bay (Fantasy), Break In! (Reality. Sort of.), When Pigs Fly (Reality), Scamp (Reality) and Black Feather Flight (Another fantasy). But I won't put anything up for those, 'cause that would put a sickly end to TiMP and SL, slow as they're going already.

Wow, this has been a long ramble, 'cause the red words at the top of this page are scaring me to death. 'The topic of your journal has to be something worthwhile and can't be silly spam. You need to put effort into your journals.' Eeep!

School and Whatnot

I rarely say anything concerning school, but I want to put something else in this entry besides stories. Or at least give those lack-of-things-to-do people something to read. Bahah.

But anyway, this was a long time ago, but one of my best friends completely seperated herself from us. Not going to explain the whole thing, so sorry boring peoples. ^^ Recently, one of my other best friends made up with her, and the other friend...Oh gah. Let's just call the friend that left SPARKY and my other (girl) best friend NOODLES, and my other (guy) best friend JAMMIES. Mm'kays?

'Kay. So SPARKY told me and JAMMIES that she didn't like her old friends, and she said it in a way that suggested she wanted to become our friends again. I do like making friends, but I won't let the SPARKY NOODLES me and JAMMIES thing happen again. I just don't think it's fair, or right for it to occur. And I won't dare make a move, and tell her NO, 'cause that would just be rude.

Things have gotten better, but it's been bugging me for a while.

While we're still on the topic of friends, things are going to get quieter, 'cause JAMMIES is totally ditching and flying to Los Angeles for a vacation. Right when school starts after Spring Break. Lucky ducky.

Relationships and Flipping STALKERS

To sum it up in a couple (or maybe a lot of) sentences, guy likes me, tries to get JAMMIES to 'hook me up' (I shudder at the thought), guy tries to ask me to the mall/movies, to the skate rink, is completely rude in English and spreads a rumour that me and JAMMIES are going out.

And it's royally pissing me off.

Also, some girls say that he's totally stalking me and knows my day-to-day schedule. Just lovely, hmm?

All for now. Buh-byes, lovies :]

I might post journals more often. They're quite fun :)
March 25th, 2009 at 12:52am