All my entries from Ecuador. Quito, The Andes, The Amazon, and the Galapagos.

These are my entries from the whole time I was in Ecuador.

Day one: Airport: counter-clockwise toilets south of the Ecuator

Start time: 3:30 AM.
By 4:30 we were at the local airport
Mr. Wymer was late, even though he was the one who had told us to get there so early. He arrived at 5:00
Our plane left by 6:30
The flight was about a half an hour, which I passed by looking out the window at the specks of light in the pitch darkness.
Cities looked like dying embers as dawn began to break.
We landed at the O’Hare airport and fought the crowds to where our next gate lay
We played cards; B.S. and spoons
Little homework was done; we were too excited.
We ate Caramel frapachinos from Starbucks before boarding the plane again.
We flew to Miami, and we were in by noon.
The layover was five hours, so we wandered around
-Though I never found a moving sidewalk
We ate lunch, then settl3ed down to play more B.S, Spoons, and Screw Your Neighbor.
We were supposed to board at 4:45, but we didn’t until 5:30.
We departed at 6:00

The airline food was crappy: pasty potatoes, hard green beans, and sickly looking chicken.
-Oh, and no vegetarian options.
I worked on my English homework a bit
But I grew tired of that
We played Millionaire on Rachel’s iPhone
And now I am writing this.
It is currently 7:47 PM
There is some turbulence.
Rachel and Jojo are working on their AP Euro
And I’m listening to my iPod: “My Worst Nightmare” by Forever The Sickest Kids.
It still amazes me that I am going to Ecuador.
It is my first time going out of the country; it’s unbelievable
More turbulence
My dad is sitting two rows in front of me. I know that because I had to ask him for a pen earlier.
I should really be reading the poetry book for English class right now.
In fact, the poetry book is directly under the notebook I am writing this in.
I have turned off my iPod now because 30 Rock is on the Tele.
I am watching it now, and here comes the beverage cart.
Now I have O.J.

The toilets flush counter-clockwise, did you know that?
So we made it through customs all right, and then we took the bus to our hotel.
-I’m rooming with Alyssa.
It is so amazing here.
We didn’t even get to see much of Quito, considering it is dark out
We’re packing for the Amazon trip now, and it’s nearly midnight.
I am so tired; I’ve been up for nearly 20 hours: 3:30 AM to midnight.
I’m going to bed now.


Day 2: The Hostel O_O

We started out the day eating breakfast on the seventh floor restaurant.
There was a panoramic view of Quito, and it was breathtaking.
The city stretched out before us, the mountains reaching upwards,
Their frosted fingers scraping the sky
Clouds of smoke escape from Cotopaxi, swirling and surrounding the city.
We stopped at Pits, a gas station.
We stocked up on bottled water
-Because it’s not safe to drink water from the tap here.
We’re at about 10,000 feet and ascending.
Currently it’s 9:45 in the morning and we’re on the tour bus, ready to continue on our journey.

We stopped at a small house/ranch/thing.
They were selling food.
I had these cheesy potato things and corn.
They were delicious.
The higher we ascended, the colder it got, and I began to regret wearing shorts.
We stopped at a hot springs spa.
The warm water felt nice in the cold mountain air.
While in the water, we attempted to play duck, duck, goose.
That failed.
So we played Mafia.
Amir was the first to die in every round.
Poor Amir. D=
We ate dinner at the hot springs, and Evanescence was playing through the stereo.
And they weren’t just any Evanescence songs, they were songs off of Origin, their hard to find EP.

Later we went on a hike through the Andes Highlands
There was a river flowing through the dense vegetation (which we were fighting to walk through)
We returned to the bus and drove to the small town where our hotel (Hostel) for the night was.
We were put in a quad room: Jojo, Rachel, Alyssa, and I.
Immediately, we were creeped out by our room.
To get to our room, we had to go through the entranceway, where there was a cows’ head mounted on the wall. Then we passed a German Shepard who barked like crazy at us (but we later recognized the dog as a good dog, and named him Eddie).
Then we had to up these concrete stairs without a handrail, and half way up the stairs, I realized we were outside.
Our room was located at the top, and the door was on the roof, like an attic.
We had a view of the deserted swimming pool, which we called the Death Pit.
The other rooms were equally creepy.
Four of the guys had a loft across the street.
There was a glove (looking like there was a hand in it and like it belonged in a horror movie) propped up on the stairs to their room.
At dinner, I had trout again, except this time; there was a head on the plate.
I don’t think I’ll ever be able to eat fish again.
Peter posed for a photo with it, pretending to eat it
Jojo, Rachel, Alyssa and I returned to our creepy room and played truth or dare.
At about 10:00, we went back to the lobby, where there was a salsa dance party.
Peter did the Worm, though he looked like a dead fish.
Mrs. Seacrest started breakdancing; it was sick.
Then Rachel tried to teach Solja Boy to Gustavo (our guide)
That turned out very interesting.


Day 3: Waterslides and Discotecas.

We survived through the night in the creepy hotel, and ate breakfast.
We ended up taking a morning hike through the highlands.
Jackie fell and busted open her chin on the rocks near one of the waterfalls.
When we returned, one of the parents (Who is a surgeon) stitched her up.
We all watched and a few people turned a video.

A very long, winding bus ride followed.
Jojo got sick twice.
We got to our next hotel by 6:00 at night.
The city’s name’s Coca, and it’s located on the Napo River.
There were squirrel monkeys everywhere! They were crawling on us and I got a lot of pictures.

After dinner, we went to the pool, even though it was dark out.
Most people left after 10:00, but Jojo, Rachel, Will, Ezra, and I remained.
We would run up the waterslide, and then go down the slide one after another or at the same time, backwards, headfirst, on our stomachs, on our backs, on our knees, you name it.
Multiple times, I got hurt along with everyone else.
One time Will ended up on top of me, his hands around my waist. It was only a tad bit awkward.
Many times I ran into Ezra, but only because he was waiting for me around the bend in the slide. I have no idea why.
I kept kneeing Jojo in the back (on accident).

At about 11:30, we went back to our room and changed.
We played a game of B.S. with everybody, and then we ran into Ezra and Will again.
We wanted to go back into the pool but we changed our minds because it was really late, and we were getting yelled at to shut up.
Amir was missing and Peter was locked out of his room, so we went on an Amir hunt.
Apparently, he had just been sleeping and didn’t hear Peter knocking on the door.
At about 12:30 or so we went down to the Discoteca.
It was really loud and there were strobe lights.
I didn’t mind, but it gave the others a headache, so we left after about five minutes.
We went to bed at one in the morning.


Day 4: Into the Jungle

We took a two-hour boat ride (a motorized canoe) down the Napo River.
It was really cold, windy, and it was raining.
So obviously, we got really wet.
The river was pretty calm, flat, and a brownish color from the sediment.
It feeds into the Amazon River.
The farther away we got from civilization, the denser the rainforest along the sides of the river became.

We reached the shore where the entrance to the lodge was, but then we had to walk for fifteen minutes on the boardwalk through the jungle.
We then took a canoe across the lake to the lodge.
The staff at the lodge was really nice.
They greeted us with cool washcloths and a passion fruit cocktail (which may have had a little bit of rum in it) and real banana chips.

That afternoon, after we settled into our grass hut cabins, our group, which consisted of Bennett, Reed, Dan, Alyssa, and I (Plus two of the teachers), went Piranha fishing.
Mrs. Seacrest and I (the two vegetarians of the group) were the only ones to not catch a piranha.
Later, we got in a canoe to go see some Howler monkeys.
They live in the canopy, so the picture I got of them wasn’t the best.
We also saw a bunch of black vultures sitting atop of the tree by the lodge.

Dinner was great—Spectacular is more like it; the actually accommodated for vegetarians!
The only thing that was annoying is that the electricity is only running from 5:30 in the morning to 10:00 at night, and that also means no water.
I stayed up late in Jojo and Rachel’s cabin.
There were a lot of bugs, it was funny to watch them scream for Will to kill every insect.
Then Will did the splits.
It was epic.


Day 5: Watch out! I shot a blowgun!

Today was the first full day at La Selva jungle lodge.
For our morning activity, we hiked to the observation tower.
We saw Toucans, howler monkeys, and more.
I let a millipede crawl on me; it tickled. The same insect crawled over Bennett’s armpit.
It was funny.
We hiked back to the lodge, and we found a ton of spiders, butterflies, and other bugs on the way.
We also saw a poison dart frog.
Our native guide, Sixto, was demonstrating an animal trap that was commonly used.
He asked for a volunteer and Bennett decided to try it.

After lunch, about five people jumped into the piranha infested lake and swam.
I didn’t swim because the group I was in was leaving earlier so I wouldn’t have had much time.
At 4:00, we took a short canoe ride to an indigenous village.
I got to use a blowgun and Sixto painted my face.
One of the daughters was my age (well, she was 16) and she was married and had a young kid.
Everything is so different there; it’s a complete different world.

We canoed back at dusk and ate dinner (I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again: their food is delicious!).
Later we went for a night hike.
We saw 5 tarantulas, three frogs, and a huge walking stick that was about six inches long!
Again, we stayed up late and played truth or dare.
I loved falling asleep and hearing nothing but nature.
No road noise; just the jungle.


Day 6: We beat Jenga and I swam with piranhas.

Jungles aren’t made for tall people
I ended up running into quite a few vines and low branches.
Throw in slippery mud and steep slopes and I’m a walking disaster.
We hiked up to a small lagoon in the morning in hopes of seeing more monkeys, but we didn’t.
The canoe we were on was really small and rocked a lot in the water.
I was really scared we were going to tip over, plus, it made me motion sick.
We saw a marching wasp nest. When we shouted really loudly (purposefully), the wasps inside the nest made a sound against the walls of the nest that sounded like marching.
We also saw a huge colony of leaf cutter ants. It was so cool!
I also saw this awesome spider web.

On our way back to lunch, Sixto stopped and started weaving a crown out of a fern.
Then he gave the fern crown to me; it made me feel special.
We made a quick visit to the butterfly garden and got to see a ton of exotic butterflies and caterpillars.

We still had a half and hour before lunch was served, so we played Jenga in the bar.
And we beat it!
We made it so tall so that there were absolutely no more possible moves.
After lunch, I swam in the lake with the piranhas. I am SO entitled to bragging rights about this.

In the afternoon, we just took another hike.
We saw a bunch of insects and we stood at the base of a GIANT kapok tree. Too bad my camera had run out of battery.

There wasn’t any night activity that night, because we had to leave the next morning.
We played twister and B.S. in the main lodge until we were kicked out at 10:00 and they shut off the electricity.
Two of the girls from our group put a dead cockroach in a plastic bag and dropped it off in the guy’s room.
The guys then decided to take their revenge out on all of the girls, not just the two who had put the bug in their room. So they put a live cockroach on everyone’s pillow.
Because I had been expecting it, I didn’t scream when I saw it on my bed, I just swore, and then Alyssa took it outside.


Day 7: Cold and miserable on the Napo.

We got up, ate breakfast, and got into the canoes that would take us back to the shore of the Napo River. When we were loading these canoes, I fell in the water. This happened because when I had one foot in the canoe and one on the dock, Peter stepped into the Canoe, which caused me to fall in the lake. I now have two very large and painful bruises to show off: one on each shin.

This is also how my notebook (with all the previous entries in it) got soaked, so now I am writing this on the Hotel Quito notepad =P

It was already raining really hard, so it wasn’t like it mattered that I was wet from the lake. We then took the motorized canoe upstream the Napo River to Coca (where we stayed earlier on the trip).

By the time we actually made it to Coca, we were soaked, cold, hungry, bored, miserable, and had to go to the bathroom. The canoe ride had lasted three very long hours.
We drove to the Coca airport, and the plane ride from Coca to Quito only lasted a half hour. We returned to Hotel Quito briefly and changed into jeans and a white tank top.

We then went to a huge mall filled with overpriced shops, but I bought a really awesome (or “kick ass” as Jojo told me) jacket for $50. I know it’s a lot, but to me, it was worth it. We went to dinner at a sports bar and then headed back to the hotel.

Ezra, Will, and I went to meet Rachel and Jojo at the pool at 9:00, but the pool man told us the pool was closed.
We ended up sneaking into the pool anyways at about 10:00. We played Marco polo for a really long time. Ezra got frustrated that he could never catch me when he was Marco. But I cheat at that game, so that could be the reason ^_^
Then we floated around and talked.
I was in asleep by midnight.


Day 8: Galapagos here we come!

We left Hotel Quito at seven in the morning to catch our plane to the Galapagos. We were all so tired. I had gotten only six hours of sleep the night before.
We arrived in the Galapagos in the early afternoon, at lunch on the ship, and settled in our rooms.
The first island we went to was Bartolome.
We went snorkeling that afternoon and I had a lot of problems with the mask. Plus, this was my first time snorkeling.
I saw a Dory type fish, a few different kinds of Rays (an Eagle Ray, I think), many schools of fish (I got stuck in the middle of one of the schools), and a lot of other colorful fish.
On the shore I saw penguins (yes, there are penguins on the Equator) and then we went on a hike.

The island we were on was Fernandina and we hiked all the way to the top of the volcano (which is inactive, and has been for a very long time). There wasn’t much wildlife because the landscape was mostly rocks formed from the ancient lava, and it was pretty dry. But we did see a few lizards, lava cactus, and an amazing view from the top.
The sun was setting, and it was gorgeous.

We went back to the ship for dinner, and after dinner, we went to the main lounge and played karaoke. Ryan was hilarious to watch. The other guys and him only sang dirty songs, like “I Touch Myself” and “I’m too Sexy” It was so funny to watch Ryan though. I nearly died laughing when he sang, “I Touch Myself.” Youtube it. I dare you. It is a real song.


Day 9: Hermit crabs tickle and people are scared of my music taste.

Today we went to the island of Isabela, and later, Fernandina
We started the day off with a hike, where we saw a ton of Land Iguanas, Finches, and a few tortoises.
We also saw a marine iguana that was not supposed to be that far inland.
We went snorkeling again afterwards on a black sand beach. I saw more schools of fish. Other people saw sea turtles, but I didn’t.

When I was back on the beach, drying off before we left for the ship again, I dug my feet into the sand, and I felt something. It was a hermit crab! It tickled my feet and then I got a picture of it.

We ate lunch on the ship and in the afternoon we went back to the island. Immediately we saw hundreds of Marine Iguanas, these little red crabs, and sea lions. I am in love with the sea lions. We were able to get so close to them and they were so adorable! They made me miss my dog. From the island, we were able to see the peaks of the volcanoes on Isabela. It was a spectacular view.

There were little crevices that would fill with water when the tide came in, and there were some really cool fish inside of them that we got to see.
We saw a Galapagos Hawk, some more small lizards, Friggets, and a whale skeleton.
Our guide jokingly told us that the skeleton was a giant iguana skeleton, and Rachel believed him. She’s been having a few blonde moments lately. We walked across more rocks that were formed from lava to a place where we watched some pelicans go fishing.

There was a cookout dinner on the deck of the boat that night. Alyssa and I didn’t get to sit with Rachel and Jojo, but we sat with Bennett and Catherine.

After dinner there was a skit that they got some of the passengers involved in, including Mr. Wymer (our teacher/chaperone) and a few of my classmates. It was hilarious! Wymer ended up getting spanked. xD

After the skit was over, they put on dance music. Most of the other passengers left the lounge at that point, and it was just our group of 30 teenagers left (oh, and the bartender was there too). We were all dancing and being wild and crazy, and then Rachel and I decide to ask if we can put our iPod on. They say yes, so we start dancing to Lady Gaga and Kanye.
Will (who knows that I listen to rock music) asks for Disturbed, so I give him my iPod to play through the speakers.

So Will selects “Inside The Fire” and everyone stops dancing. I glare at Will and everyone else is looking at me. So as “Inside the Fire” is playing, Ezra is looking through the songs on my iPod. He stops on “Smoke ‘Em if You Got ‘Em” by Parkway Drive. If you know that song, it is some heavy stuff. It’s off the Warped Tour CD from either last year or the year before that, but either way, everyone except for Ezra stops and gawks at me. I think they’re all scared of me now because they think I’m some metal head that is going to beat them up or something. It was slightly embarrassing.

Rachel left the room with Will, and then Rachel, Jess, and I left. When we looked back five minutes later, Ezra and Catherine were the only ones there, and they were dancing kind of dirty O_O

Day 10: Karaoke is dangerous

We started off the day early (again) on the island of Santiago. We were at Egas Port.
We took a hike and saw some birds, and this adorable sea lion that was in the crevice of a rock. True, there were sea lions everywhere, but this one was exceptionally cute. We saw some pelicans in the water and some more marine iguanas and crabs (which were everywhere by the thousands, so it wasn’t anything too special).

We also went snorkeling again. We saw a ton of fish, and once again, other people saw sea turtles, but I didn’t

In the afternoon, after lunch, there was another snorkeling excursion, except for this one wasn’t off of a beach, it was off of the side of one of the small rafts, so it would be deep sea snorkeling, and considering I have a fear of deep water, I stayed back in the room and worked on my English homework.

I’m sad that I didn’t go, but I know that I would have been terrified if I had gone. My friends told me that they saw sharks and more sea turtles.

When everyone else returned, we had an afternoon expedition on land, the island of Rabida. This is where we saw the Blue Footed Boobies for the first time. And we saw tons of them! It was really cool. We came upon the beach for another hike. There was a baby sea lion right there as we stepped foot on the beach. It was adorable!

On our hike, we saw a lot of birds (Friggets, Galapagos Hawks, Finches, and some more I can’t remember), a cactus in the shape of a heart, and the views were spectacular as always.

After dinner we played karaoke in the lounge again. Ryan sang the same songs (“I’m too sexy” “I touch myself” and “Baby got back”) except for this time, he sang a few others too. And we all did the Macarena. =D


Day 11: Giant Tortoises! Everywhere!

Today we went to Santa Cruz. This island is super touristy, but still pretty cool. We went to a tortoise reservation on the island and got to see young tortoises and adolescent tortoises, as well as Lonely George. They were all in captivity, but it was cool to get to see them up close (little did I know that we would be seeing them up close in the wild that afternoon) so I took a lot of pictures.

Some of the tortoises scared me because they looked like E.T. and E.T. scares me. A lot.
Rachel was gullible again. Our guide had motioned to a statue of a park ranger with a baseball cap, rubber-soled boots, a watch, a GPS, and a backpack, and told us it was Darwin. He was joking, but Rachel believed him. We all laughed and had to break it to her that he had been kidding.

We were then turned loose in the town to buy souvenirs. We all bought “I Love Boobies” T-shirts and then signed each other’s later on.

We went back to the ship for lunch, and then we hung out in the ‘kiddie’ lounge with the large circular couch/bed thing. We were half asleep when this old guy comes through telling us to come outside because of the spring equinox. Because it was the first day of spring, on the equator, at exactly noon, we didn’t see our shadow at all. It was pretty cool.

After lunch, we got to see the tortoises in the wild. To get there, we had to take a 45-minute bus ride on Santa Cruz, but I didn’t mind. It meant I got to listen to my iPod.

We saw quite a few tortoises in the wild, and they were huge! And they were old, like 150 years. It was amazing.
Because this still was a bit of a tourist site, they had tortoise shells out for us to crawl in. They were really painful once I got in them, but my dad took a picture of me in one, and it’s pretty cool.

We then visited the lava tubes down the road.
They’re like these giant cave like tunnels that are twenty feet tall and ten feet wide at least and we can walk in them. I was getting a bit claustrophobic (Despite the massiveness of them) because it was dark.

There was a farewell dinner and a farewell cocktail. After that, we hung out in the lounge for a while, but by 10:00, we were all really tired (shocker!) and Alyssa and I went back to our room to pack and go to bed. I think it was a record to get in bed by 11:00 for this trip

Day 12: Transsexual mermaids!?!

Even though we were leaving, we had a morning excursion. It was a small hike along the beach. The sand on this beach was divine. It was so soft, it felt like flour, and it was almost as white too. We saw the tracks that a sea turtle made up on the sand to go lay eggs, and more marine iguanas and crabs and sea lions. Those animals are everywhere!

We had a short time to go swimming as well. Rachel, Jojo, Alyssa, and I just went waist deep into the ocean though, because we didn’t want to have to shower when we got back to the ship, cause we would be leaving short after, and then flying for two and a half hours on a plane.

Peter got buried in the sand as a transsexual mermaid. Some of the guys had given him boobs, and some one else had put a stick you know where, so it was a dude and a girl mermaid. It was funny, so I took a picture xD

We left the ship for good, and I was very sad, because this meant the trip was almost over, and then we took a bus to the airport and waited for our plane.
So we waited in the outdoor airport (yes, outdoor, there was a roof above our heads, but hardly any walls) for about an hour before our plane came.

As we flew away, it hit me that the trip really was coming to an end. And that made me sad.
We arrived back in Quito mid afternoon, and we were told to get nice clothes on for our final dinner. But first, when we went to our room, Alyssa and I noticed that there was a chocolate on each of our pillows. It was really good chocolate, and we knew her brother, Dan, and Bennett had a room next door that they hadn’t been to yet.

So we waited until we heard them coming down the hallway, and when they got to their door, we came out of our room and acted innocent; Alyssa talking to her brother for added effect. And when they opened their door, we ran into their room and stole their chocolates.
They were so confused and they didn’t know what had hit them. It wasn’t until Reed came to their room five minutes later saying, “Hey, did you guys get chocolate too?” Then they realized that we had stolen their chocolate. It was hilarious. xD

The restaurant we went to was so fancy, I felt underdressed in khaki pants and a yellow V-neck. The food was amazing, and there were four courses. In between a few of the courses, there was a different band playing. The first time it was a mariachi band, and the next time it was a larger band with a pan flute player and a drummer. I don’t know what kind of band that would be called.

We had originally planned on swimming when we got back to the hotel, but we were all too tired, so we all just returned to our rooms. Alyssa and I ended up watching some strange movie on TV until midnight, even though we knew we had to get up super early. =D


Day 13 & 14: Stuck in Miami? No, that’s not bad at all.

We were woken up at five with our wake up call, and hurriedly got up, took our bags down to the lobby, and went up to the 7th floor for breakfast. We were so tired; it took all of our energy to bring the food to our mouths.

We were in the airport by seven, however when we got there, and after standing in line for about a half hour, we were informed that our flight from Miami to Chicago had been canceled and there weren’t thirty seats on any other plane for those cities that day. So while the teachers tried to sort things out, we stayed and played B.S.

Our plane left at nine in the morning, so we didn’t get into Miami until roughly noon, however, with customs and the massive size of the Miami international airport, and add on the teachers still frantically running about trying to figure out if we were flying home today or not, we didn’t actually leave the airport until three in the afternoon.

It was decided that we were staying the night in Miami, and this excited us all, because it meant we wouldn’t have to go to school the next day. American Airlines paid for us to stay in one of the hotels near by, and it was nice enough, but I didn’t even care what the hotel looked, because we could actually drink the water from the tap and the showers were hot. We were back in the States.

We hung out the rest of the after noon, and we had an early dinner at the hotel’s restaurant. Jojo, Rachel, and I were so tired; that everything we said seemed funny. Alyssa was tired too, but she was quite. The three of us were the exact opposite of quite. We were being so loud at dinner and laughing and cracking “That’s what she said” jokes every two seconds.

The four guys at the table next to us (Brian, Ezra, Stan, and Matt), all of who are usually pretty noisy themselves, were laughing at us because we were being so ridiculous.
After we calmed down and paid for dinner, we went back to Peter’s room with Jackie, Jess, and Will. Jojo and I felt awkward after a while, so we left and had some girl talk back in her room.

Rachel and Alyssa came over at about 10:30, and then Jess came in. We were watching Dancing With the Stars, and then some other random show that was on after it.
We had originally planned on staying up all night in Rachel and Jojo’s room, because we would have to get up at 4:00 for our flight, but by midnight, I was falling asleep, so Alyssa and I went back to our room.

We were awakened after about an hour by the alarm going off on some random hip hop station. It was obnoxious. Then we fell back to sleep.

We got our wake up call at four, except the clock said five, so we started freaking out, because we were supposed to be down in the lobby at 4:30. It turned out that our clock had been an hour fast, but we had a little Home Alone moment there.

We got on the plane at 6:30, and arrived in Chicago within a few hours. Then to Cedar Rapids where I got to see my mom in the airport. It wasn’t even noon yet, so we all could have gone to school, but none of us did. I had homework to finish and sleep to catch up on.

On the ride home, I stopped at McDonnalds (even though I hate that place so much) and got a shake and fries. It had never tasted so good. Then I proceeded to tell my mom nearly everything about the trip in the car ride home. And when I got home, we unpacked, and I fell asleep by 8:00.

It’s good to be home, but I miss Ecuador so much.
I think I left my heart there.
And my brain.


If anyone actually read all of that, congrats!
I'm planning on writing another, shorter, journal that doesn't include anything pre-written of my travels. It will include photos. =)

Peace&Love, Erin
March 30th, 2009 at 02:42am