This entry is a proof that I am such a boring person.

More facts about me. I really so am bored right now. Like, if I don't do anything, I'd jump off of the window or purposely run into a wall or bang my head with something very, very hard or cut my nails. Wow, the last one sounds very dangerous.

Anyway, here it goes.

1. My last name sounds Italian, but I'm definitely not Italian. Unfortunately.
2. I'm a big fan of Tim Burton movies; they're always so weird and entertaining.
3. I can never maintain eye contact with someone I'm talking to. Ever. It makes me feel uncomfortable. I'm taking that "the eyes are the window to your soul" thing too seriously. Is that even the right saying?
4. Ever since I started listening to Tokio Hotel, I randomly say things in German. Things like, "Was?!", "Ich?!" and "Neeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiin!". My mom gets it, but my dad just... doesn't. It's funny.
5. I tend to drop my phone a lot, which is why last year, I had to buy a new phone (my current phone). My last phone didn't even last for a year.
6. I have wide hips. I got it from my mama. And people keep telling me it's good for when I get pregnant. Gee, thanks. I totally take that as a compliment at fifteen. >.>
7. I steal my mom's coffee almost every night. She kind of hates me for it.
8. It's easy to annoy me, but no one could probably make me hate them. It's like, I just don't hate. I get annoyed, but I don't hate on people. Ever.
9. I enjoy reading FML anecdotes. It's a reminder that we all have day ruin-ers, and that we're not the only one experiencing shit in life. :)
10. I've decided that if all things are well in Europe 50 years from now, and I'm still alive, I'd retire there with my (hopefully) future husband.
11. It's probably not polite, but sometimes, I ask my gay friends how it feels to be gay, and what their plans are in the future. Thankfully, they do not take offense from my question, because I really don't mean anything by it. I'm just curious.
12. I really hate it when my internet connection's being a slow bitch. Then again, who doesn't?
13. I'm the "one-of-the-guys" type of girl. Some girls get really pissed at me, but I just shrug it off my shoulders.
14. When I was younger, around eleven years old, High School girls would make friends with me. I felt like I was so cool, and then when I got older, I realized they only befriended me because they wanted to get in my older brother's pants. [FML, anyone?]
15. I have a friend who looks A LOT like David Archuleta. It's incredible.

So.... yeah, that's it for now. I can't think of anything else anymore. I want me some sleep!

April 14th, 2009 at 08:01pm