How do I seem to find all the creepers?

It seems like the only boys intrested in me are total creepers. I'm not pretty, or smart or well anything really I'm just well me.. I'm annoying, rude, whiny and all kinds of things like that, but lately I've had more and more guys hitting on me. I don't understand why. And just as I start to think 'Awww this guy is sweet' he'll start saying weird things telling me I'm hot, cute, sexy ect... I'm not I know better. I learned not to buy those lies when my ex left me. He told me I was beautiful and that he loved me and he would ALWAYS love me he would NEVER hurt me... But he did. He left me. As soon as I began to trust and depend on him, he disappeared. And now other boys are trying to hurt me the same way. One boy added me on Facebook on Monday, talked bad about a guy I look up to, and then on Tuesday tried to get me to make out with him! I'm a freshman in college turns out he graduated from here in 2006! I was a sophmore in HIGH SCHOOL!!!! And he's not the only one who's done things like that. Why can't I find ONE decent man!? Is there even one out there? Ha they're probally either all taken or too shallow to date someone like me.. Well I don't blame them, but I just wish the creepers would LEAVE ME ALONE!!! Especially the old ones... A 41 year old was trying to get me to have sex with him!!! I mean really?! I'm 19!!! I'm a virgin, I've never even kissed a guy (or a girl just to be clear)! What is wrong with people these days? *Sigh* Maybe I should really just give up on men completly. I mean I keep saying that, but, do I really mean it? Can I really do it? Man I wish I had someone to talk to... HOW DO ALL THE CREEPERS FIND ME!? Are there really no decent men in the world anymore? I'm beggining to wonder.
Much love,
April 15th, 2009 at 04:42pm