Soooo... I wanted to work on one of my stories.. but Mibba is being a jerk.

I was going to write more on one of my stories.. but Mibba says they don't exist. I'm getting really ticked off. anyone have any advise? Please I really need some help. I'm considering deleting my Mibba account all together if it doesn't stop acting like a jerk. I think I'm about to cry. Ugh and it won't let me post until I have like 50 more words!!! Seriously this is getting REALLY REALLY annoying!! the page with my stories dosent exist it says! Why?! Ugh still 20 short... Please please please please help me S O M E B O D Y A N Y B O D Y!!!! I H A T E T H I S R I G H T A B O U T N O W
April 17th, 2009 at 03:17am