So what if I wear Abercrombie?

Today was an eventful day. To start off, we had a mock accident assembly thing that took up second and most of third hour. They staged a car crash and had ambulances, firetrucks, and a helicopter come. Then we all filed into the gym to watch the rest of it, which included a court “trial” for the “drunk” driver and a “funeral” for the two that were “dead.” They then showed us a slide show of victims of accidents like these. It really made me want to cry. The point of the whole thing was that prom is tomorrow night, so they really want us all to be safe. I’m not going to prom (because I’m a sophomore) but it moved me nonetheless.

Besides that assembly, I wore a plain gray hoodie from Abercrombie and Fitch today. I used to wear this hoodie all the time in 8th grade, but at least three people today were really confused as to why I was wearing Abercrombie. I felt like I had done something wrong the way one person asked me about my hoodie. I really don’t care what people think about me or what I wear, but I want to know why it was such a big deal that I wore this hoodie today. >.<

Then during sixth hour today (biology) our class got to go out and burn the prairie in the back of the school. It was so much fun! the grasses were set on fire and we had to go up to them once everything looked black and smother what was left of the fire with a fancy shovel thing. It smelled like a great big camp fire, and I ended up taking that smell with me to seventh hour, but it was worth it =)

There's nothing else I really want to say here today, other than this is my first journal entry in a while. It feels good to be informing people about pointless things in my life that they could go on living without knowing xD

Peace&Love, Erin
May 2nd, 2009 at 02:54am