Nothing to do, decided to write... I wanna get in a fight! XD

“who wants to fight with me?! my sailor mouth is nothing against your metal-like fists! my words would make you cry.”

My mouth tastes like puke right now. No, not because I puked but because I think I ate something that fell into puke. Eww.. this constant biting or chewing of things, is making me taste flavors unknown to man, much more than i really should. I mean, you only get what? about once or twice a year, a chance to taste something utterly out of this world… but me? i think i do every single day! XD

Summer’s starting to get chillier and the summer air’s starting to disappear, and while everyone is spending their last sniffs of summer outside, i spend it lying in bed. Whispering unsearchable words under my breath as my body is buried under dozens of layers of pillows and blankets - that have formed into a mountain. Yes, in an amount of 31 days (days that have passed since Graduation, yes I am sure. I counted!) I have tansformed into a fuckin’ lazy bum!

My obsession over Oli has gone worst. Nevertheless of the rumors I heard about Oli being a real jerk, my obsession has not subsided. Merely because he is the eye of many; who are by the way very artistic people. His body art, and his voice, astonishes me in a good way. I find myslef dumbstrucked everytime I see one of his pictures or whenever I here him sing or better yet; BOTH. He is to me at least, AN ARTWORK! Yes, a walking, talking, growling, cussing… art work.

As I sit here in front of the computer, the thought of having my own epitome of my life, published flashed in my head. A dark cloud hovers over the idea, that’ll happen when I’m famous, which will happen… never! But then I thought, why wait for fame? When I myself am already publishing my epitome of my life here, piece by piece… =D
May 4th, 2009 at 12:40pm