Rockstars have wronged me!

Rockstars a decade or two my senior fuelling my teenage angst-sex hormones making me hate everyone for not being fantastically beautiful/messed up.

My warped view on others mostly stems from my view of myself, but allow me to generalize for a moment.
I hate everyone, except rockstars.
Of course, it's not true. But it's sort of a passing idea. I don't like anyone in real life. I don't think of people as "ugly" or "pretty", or even "nice" and "nasty", but more like "irritating" and "someone who stays away from me"

And I blame the media, probably too much.

From Kurdt Kobain's journals.
I didn't know, before, that he was actually singing "Yay", and it's great that he is because yay is an underused word in rock culture.
Anyway, last week I snapped a guitar pick and suddenly a phrase jumped into my mind.

"He was so enthusiastic with guitar practice, he often had a plectrum snapped."

This phrase is from a future article written about my guitarist friend (I don't have a guitarist friend yet, but I will someday) who will have risen to fame and glory by 2011.

And I thought, "Well, enthusiasm has nothing to do with it. It was a cheap pick."

So, to summarize:
Never mistake a bad quality plectrum for passionate playing.
And this has so many levels of truths. You know what I mean, don't you?
May 12th, 2009 at 09:58pm