I'm mildly ashamed that I've seen Fall Out Boy four times in concert.

Yes, I have. It used to be three times, but I saw them again on Saturday night. I probably wouldn't have gone to see them again if it hadn't been for the opening bands, which were Hey Monday (eh, I wasn't too excited about them, but they put on an OK show), Metro Station, All Time Low, and COBRA STARSHIP <3

As I said, Hey Monday put on a fairly good show. I don't know any of their songs so I just stood there and listened. Metro Station was great (even though I only know three of their songs...). Trace pulled his shirt up at least ten times before he finally took it off [insert fan girl scream here] =D

All Time Low was next, and I love those boys to death =) But after the second song (I think) Alex had to leave. Jack said he was throwing up, and Alex was gone for over five minutes. While Alex was gone, Jack and Zach talked to the crowd, and then they ended up calling on one fan (this random dude with cool hair) in the crowd to come up and sing. I was oozing jealousy as the dude sang Sugar We're Going Down with the band. The dude wasn't that bad at singing either. =)

COBRA STARSHIP <3 "Uh-huh, holy shit, it's about time you get off my dick, a few times you been around that track but your ass is still fat, it's gonna stay like that, 'cause I ain't your hollaback boy. I ain't your hollaback boy." I love cobra, and it was amazing to see them live again. Gabe was being Gabe up on stage, of course ;) Because they were opening, they didn't get to play a lot; they had to make room for FOB.

They played that song through the speakers before Fall Out Boy came on. Nikki and I were screaming the lyrics to it, because sadly, we know all of them ^_^

Fall Out Boy: I think I went deaf when FOB came on stage, FINALLY (because they were being divas and taking forever to get their butts on stage). Every girl in the place screamed so loud. I know that was me three years ago when I first saw them live, but still, it was painful for me xD They played a lot of their new stuff, to my dismay, but they still played a few songs from Take this to Your Grave and From Under the Cork Tree, which made me happy =)

It was a fun concert to go to, even though I've seen FOB before *tehe* and plus, Nikki and I got to shop a whole lot before the concert. That is always a plus xD

ahhh, I'm sorry I haven't been getting on mibba that much (I shouldn't even be on now). We have 13 days left of school, and that means FINALS. I'm not worried for history, metalworking, choir (duh), or math, but I am really stressing in English, Biology, and Spanish. I have three big project things left in English, two left in biology, and for Spanish, my grade is sitting at a nice 90% but the problem is keeping it there.

but trust me, when school gets out on June 4, I will be back on mibba like I was last summer =)

May 19th, 2009 at 02:57am