im upset.. Im here, sat at home... Bored shitless.... and NO ONE HAS UPDATED IN DAYS!!! i mean okay - you have a life - you dont want to update all the time... But im not asking that... i mena - my fav. stories im losing interest in because its not been updated in AGES.

Its depressing :( there arnt enough Femme stories as it is and i have about.... well i have a LOT of subscribes.... so... where are the updates people?!

I dont want to nag but i need something good to read... I take time to comment and make you guys feel good about your story... and i need something to read coz im BORED..... and i miss the stories :(

Its sad.... So guys - anyone who knows i comment on their story - for the love of god PLEASE update soon - my sanity counts on it, lol.

Thanks. =]
May 25th, 2009 at 02:09pm