List of Adjectives You Shouldn't Use When Describing Something That Looks Like a Hot Dog

I was talking to my friend about this corn dog, and I said it tasted funny because it was hard and chewy. Yes, I do know how completely wrong that sounds. So I'm making a list. Anyone can add to it. Just leave a comment below and I'll add the word(s) (or phrases) to the list. Please make sure you've actually said or used the phrase or heard someone say or use the phrase. Just to make sure it sounds as wrong as we think it does xP

1. Hard (Yeah, self explanitory)
2. Chewy (See above)
3. Hot
4. "Ah, I can't fit it into my mouth."
5. Spicy
6. Lustful
7. Filling
8. Footlong
9. Sticky
10. Slippery
11. Smooth
12. Scary
13. Long
14. WMD (Weapon of Mass Destruction xP)
15. Buns Demon
16. Third Party Meat
17. Greasy
18. Juicy

I'll add more when I get some and when I think of some.
Don't forget to add some words yourself!
May 31st, 2009 at 08:59pm