he wrote a song about me.

ahaha, yeeah.
my friend wrote a song about me.
it's nothing romantic, of course.
he finally got around to playing the guitar.
and he's written some love songs for my best friend.
so er,

he's just kind of ranting about this dude i fell badly for a while back.
This dude who has also dated my best friend, another close friend, and is a complete and total douche.
He's just kind of frustrated that such a jerk could ever catch the attention of my best friend, as well as others.

He’s got
Everything you wanted
He’s got
Everything I want
The only thing
He doesn’t have
Is a heart
I can’t believe you loved him
I can’t believe he lied
I can’t believe you don’t hate him
I can’t believe his words
I can’t see what you saw in him
I just can’t see how
Bitter and cold
Is his two favourite words
He’s got
Four women in his head
Three of them he’s already did
The last one is coming
Up on his list

It's sweet he wrote it about me, partially.
It's kind of flattering. (:
When he told me about it, I felt really really - well, flattered ! :D

and i'm at home - sick.
listening to Green Day.
I have no idea were I put BULLET IN A BIBLE. D:
godgodgod, i'm totally in the mood to watch it online ? (:
i'll promise to buy a billion dollars of green day merch later on. :tehe:
June 1st, 2009 at 06:42pm