I know it's summer when it takes three hours for my hair to dry.

Seriously. I got up at 11 this morning, and took my shower at 11:30. it's now almost 2:30 and my hair is still damp. GAHHHHH.

But still, it's summer, and school is out =D

The last day of school was on thursday, and now I'm thinking about how a bunch of my friends were juniors last year, meaning they will be graduating next year. And a year from now, I will be in their position. And I'm scared about that. I don't want to grow up, and as childish as that sounds, I really don't want to. On the only bright side I can see at the moment is that it is now summer.

Thursday night, I went to a friends house and they had a fire pit in their back yard and we just hung out until all the guys left at midnight. Then the seven of us girls went inside and stayed up until three in the morning talking. Once morning came, we went out on the trampoline until about noon when I went home. And then Friday night was when I went out to eat sushi with another friend and then we rented Step Brothers.

You know it's summer when within 24 hours, all of that happens.

and now I'm waiting for another friend to call me back to go to the art festival downtown =D I'm excited because the crepe guy will be there ^_^

As for the rest of my summer, I am really, really busy. I leave for Europe on the 26 of June, and I get back on the 13 of July.... I think. Then I'm home for five days before I leave to ride RAGBRAI for a week. When I get back from that, I have another five days or so before my bestie and I go to see warped tour, and since it's out of state, I'll be gone a few days for that. And then we're going to see Green Day =D =D =D

and then school starts. It feels like my summer is going to be so busy and I won't have time to relax, but I am so excited for going to Europe =D

There was something else I wanted to say, but I forgot, sooooo.......


Peace&Love, Erin
June 6th, 2009 at 09:26pm